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Photo of Richard Segal

Richard Segal

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
PO Box 704, Room 4S-B46
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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R. Segal, J. Crawford, J. Kephart and B. Leiba, SpamGuru: An Enterprise Anti-Spam Filtering System. In Proceedings of the First Conference on Email and Anti-Spam, July, 2004.

M. Leonard, M. Rodriguez, R. Segal and R. Shoop, Managing Customer Opt-Outs in a Complex Global Environment, In Proceedings of the First Conference on Email and Anti-Spam, July, 2004.

R. Segal and J. Kephart. Incremental Learning in SwiftFile. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning, June 2000.

R. Segal and J. Kephart. MailCat: An Intelligent Assistant for Organizing E-Mail. In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Autonomous Agents, May 1999.

J. Kephart, J. Hanson, D. Levine, B. Grosof, J. Sairamesh, R. Segal, and S. White. Dynamics of an Information-Filtering Economy. In Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents, April 1998.

R. Segal. Machine Learning as Massive Search. Ph.D. thesis, University of Washington, 1997.

O. Etzioni, H. Levy, R. Segal, and C. Thekkath. The Softbot Approach to OS Interfaces. IEEE Software, 12(4):42-51, July 1995.

R. Segal and O. Etzioni. Learning Decision Lists Using Homogeneous Rules. In Proceedings of the Twelfth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July 1994.

P. Riddle, R. Segal, and O. Etzioni. Representation design and brute-force induction in a Boeing manufacturing domain. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 8:125-147, 19941.

O. Etzioni, N. Lesh, and R. Segal. Building softbots for UNIX (preliminary report). Technical Report 93-09-01, University of Washington, 1993.

P. Riddle, O. Etzioni, C. Pearson, and R. Segal. Process improvement through automated feedback (preliminary report). In Proceedings of the Machine Learning Workshop on Integrated Learning in Real-World Domains, July 1992.

O. Etzioni and R. Segal. Softbots as testbeds for machine learning. In Working notes of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Knowledge Assimilation, Menlo Park, CA,1992.

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