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U.S. Patent Title
6,560,693 Branch history guided instruction/data prefetching
6,418,525 Methods and apparatus for reducing latency in set-associative caches using set prediction
6,331,253 Methods for caching cache tags
6,055,621 Touch history table
5,809,566 Automatic cache prefetch timing with dynamic trigger migration
5,790,823 Operand prefetch table
5,636,364 Method for enabling concurrent misses in a cache memory
5,634,119 Computer processing unit employing a separate millicode branch history table
5,584,002 Cache remapping using synonym classes
5,434,985 Simultaneous prediction of multiple branches for superscalar processing
5,353,421 Multi-prediction branch prediction mechanism
5,233,702 Cache miss facility with stored sequences for data fetching
5,197,139 Cache management for multi-processor systems utilizing bulk cross-invalidate
4,903,196 Method and apparatus for guaranteeing the logical integrity of data in the general purpose registers of a complex multi-execution unit uniprocessor
4,823,259 High speed buffer store arrangement for quick wide transfer of data
4,807,110 Prefetching system for a cache having a second directory for sequentially accessed blocks
4,774,654 Apparatus and method for prefetching subblocks from a low speed memory to a high speed memory of a memory hierarchy depending upon state of replacing bit in the low speed memory
4,679,141 Pageable branch history table


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