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Everywhere Displays

The Everywhere Displays project aims to develop systems that allow the transformation of every surface in a space into a projected "touch screen". We are developing a prototype where we combine a LCD projector, a rotating mirror, and a camera. The mirror is used to deflect the image of the projector to surfaces, walls, or the floor of a room. We process the projected image to compensate for the perspective distortion. We then employ a video camera to detect hand/body activity on the projected area, so people can interact with the projected image by simply touching the surface.



A major point of the project is to avoid any need of "wiring" the surfaces or the use of special devices. We see everywhere displays as a practical way to deliver information in public spaces, offices, and meeting rooms. An example of a scenario is a restaurant: when the customer sits, the menu is projected on the table. The customer can browse through different options, ask for extra information (caloric content, special ingredients), and order the food. Everything happens without the need of monitors on the table or special input devices, but simply by overhead projection and vision processing. Currently we are developing the first prototype of the system.

For applications, check the
Everywhere Display Applications webpage.

Image Correction:

image distortion required to generate the display on the right

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