Olivier Verscheure

Current Projects

  • ARMS: Adaptive Rich Media Streaming
  • Min-Plus Algebra applied to multimedia networking

    This project revisits the foundations of multimedia networking in the light of the network calculus mathematical framework. Network Calculus is a collection of results based on Min-Plus algebra, which applies to deterministic queuing systems found in communication networks. Network calculus in general and its applications to multimedia networking in particular is receiving growing interest from a wide research community.

    This project tackles the optimal delivery of composite media over Guaranteed Service networks (e.g. ATM VC and IETF RSVP). We are bringing some original contributions to the filtering theory developed by Professor C. S. Chang in his IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1998 pioneering work.

    External Collaboration: Prof.Patrick Thiran and Prof. Jean-Yves le Boudec

  • SENDS: Scheduled Edge-of-Network Distribution System