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Motto in life : "Ridendo Dicere Verum" (in Latin: to say the truth through humor)


Consistency and Optimization

O. Etzion- Flexible Consistency Modes for Active Database Applications. Information Systems Journal, 18(6),Nov 1993, pp 391-404.

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Data-driven Rules

O. Etzion- Active Interdatabase Dependencies, Information Sciences Journal 75, Dec 1993, pp 133-163.

O.Etzion- PARDES- A Data-Driven Oriented Active Database Model, ACM Sigmod Record, 22(1), March 1993, pp 1-7 .

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Event Management

O. Etzion - Reasoning about the behavior of active database systems, T. Sellis (ed)- Rules in Database Systems II, Springer Verlag

A. Adi, D. Botzer, O. Etzion - A semantic event model. Proceed. ECIS, July 2000.

A. Adi, D. Botzer, O. Etzion, T. Yatzkar - A personalization tool. Demo, VLDB 2000.

Knowledge Modeling

A. Gal, O. Etzion, A. Segev - Representation of Highly- Complex Knowledge in a Databases. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 3(2), April 1994, pp 185-203

Temporal Dependencies

D. Dori, A. Gal, O. Etzion - Temporal Active Databases: A key to Computer Integrated Manufacturing, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 9(2), 1996, pp. 89-104.

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A. Gal, O. Etzion - A language for the Support of Constraints in Temporal Active Databases, ILPS Workshop on Constraints and Database, Portland, Dec 1995.

Temporal Databases

A. Gal, O. Etzion - A Parallel Execution Model for Updating Temporal Databases. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 12(5), Sep 1997, pp 317-328

O. Etzion, A. Gal, A. Segev - Extended Update Functionality in Temporal Databases.

O. Etzion, S. Jajodia, S. Sripada (eds)- Temporal databases, Research and Practice, Springer-Verlag

M. Golani, O. Etzion - Temporal Active Rules, Proceed. NGITS'99, July 1999.

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