Symmetric Shape Charge (SILO Data from ASCI/LLNL)

Log10(Density), Mixed Material Boundaries (2-3 and 3-4)

You can also view this data in animation or interact with a visualization via image-based rendering (Hot Media) below

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  • Wait for images to load.
  • Drag mouse in window from the upper left to the lower right.
  • Look around: Drag with left mouse button or use arrow keys.
  • Look and zoom: Drag with right mouse button or use shift-arrow keys.
  • Press the "l" (el) key to force vertical orientation.

  • This is another representation from the same data set, to which simplification via volume tolerance has been applied

  • Material Planes: 342K to 79K triangles (23% of original): constrained by data/color
  • Density Isosurface: 42K to 3.6K triangles (9% of original)



    You may browse the geometrically simplified visualization in VRML.