James T. Klosowski

Efficient Conservative Visibility Culling Using
the Prioritized-Layered Projection Algorithm

J. T. Klosowski and C. T. Silva
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
7(4), pages 365-379, October 2001


We propose a novel conservative visibility culling technique based on the Prioritized-Layered Projection (PLP) algorithm. PLP is a time-critical rendering technique that computes, for a given viewpoint, a partially correct image by rendering only a subset of the geometric primitives, those that PLP determines to be most likely visible. Our new algorithm builds on PLP and provides an efficient way of finding the remaining visible primitives. We do this by adding a second phase to PLP which uses image-space techniques for determining the visibility status of the remaining geometry. Another contribution of our work is to show how to efficiently implement such image-space visibility queries using currently available OpenGL hardware and extensions. We report on the implementation of our techniques on several graphics architectures, analyze their complexity, and discuss a possible hardware extension that has the potential to further increase performance.

Index Terms: conservative visibility, occlusion culling, interactive rendering


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