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           IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
           19 Skyline Drive, Room 2N-B18
           Hawthorne, NY 10532
           Phone: 914 784 7361 Fax: 914 784 6071


Research Staff Member, Pervasive Computing Solutions

Research Interests: (Also see the projects page)

  • My current research is in two areas: steerable interfaces and telepresence. In the interfaces area, I am looking at how projectors, cameras, and other sensors can be integrated to create interactive "Everywhere Displays" that can be moved around an environment. In telepresence, I am exploring how cameras and microphone arrays can be used to create a more compelling teleconferencing experience.
  • Image and video analysis, especially real-time visual tracking. Over the years, I have developed several computer vision systems that use cameras to track people and other objects. I am particularly interested in designing and building systems robust enough to be used in real-world applications. Past successes include the people tracker (first built in 1994) that has been used by NCR for business intelligence in retail and finance applications, and player and ball trackers in the LucentVision system for enhancing live tennis broadcasts, used by 25 television networks around the world.
  • Audio-visual processing for localization and tracking.
  • Multimedia databases, especially instant indexing and visual data mining.
Professional Activities:
Co-chair, ACM International Workshop on Immersive Telepresence 2002
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing


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