John J. Forrest

In 1964 started programming in ALGOL on paper tape at the Institute of Computer Science, London University. The hardware was one of the world's most powerful computers - Atlas - the first computer to have virtual memory and which was respectably fast - 200K flops!

Joined Scicon PLC in 1967 and worked under one of the Optimization pioneers (Martin Beale) for ten years in the area of Optimization (also known as Mathematical Programming ) both as a consultant to companies on their optimization problems and in developing Mathematical Programming software to solve their problems. Worked on three Optimization products - Alligator (named after a distant early relative of optimization - alligation) and Umpire (Unified Mathematical Program Incorporating Refinements and Extensions) and the less imaginatively named - Sciconic.

Left Scicon PLC in 1978 to set up Advanced Mathematical Software Ltd to produce software for mini-computers.

Joined IBM Research at Watson in 1985. Worked on IBM's MPSX/370 and then on OSL (Optimization Solutions and Library).


Research Areas
Developing new algorithms to solve customers' problems as efficiently as possible. Implementing these algorithms as part of OSL. Large scale optimization - this involves use of parallel computing. Making use of ideas from related areas (e.g. ESSL) in optimization.