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Fred Douglis was the founding chair of the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on the Internet (TCI). He serves as editor in chief of IEEE Internet Computing. With Frans Kaashoek, he co-edited an issue on Scalable Internet Services, which appeared in summer 2001. With Ian Foster, he co-edited an issue on Grid computing in summer 2003.

He was the program co-chair of the first Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT), in 1/2001, of which he was also the chair of the steering committee until August 2000.

His interview for the IEEE Concurrency Trend Wars column appeared in February 2000.

He is a past chair of the Computer Society's Technical Committee on Operating Systems (TCOS) and was until September 2000 on the steering committee for TCOS's HOTOS conference, of which he was general chair back in 1994. He was also (until September 2000) on the steering committee of the TFIW/TCOS WMCSA'99 mobile computing workshop; the Workshop on Internet Applications, Agent Systems & Applications and Mobile Agents symposium; and various other events. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

He was program co-chair for WWW2005. He was program vice-chair for the applications track of WWW2003. He was a program vice-chair chair for performance for WWW2002 (2002) and WWW8 (1999), and on the program committee for WWW2004, WWW10 (2001), WWW9 (2000), and WWW7 (1998).

[Pearson education]

He jointly edited a book entitled Mobility: Processes, Computers, and Agents.


He was the program chair for the Second USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (1999) and the 1998 USENIX Technical Conference, and on the program committee for OSDI’2008, the 2004 USENIX Technical Conference, OSDI'2000, the 2000 USENIX Technical Conference, and the 1997 USENIX Technical Conference.


Submit to OSDI’2008!  The deadline is May 8, 2008. 

He is on the editorial board of World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems, published by Kluwer, and was the guest editor for a special issue on World Wide Web Characterization and Performance Evaluation in early 1999.

He was the program chair for the 8th International Web Caching Workshop (2003). He was on the program committee for GLOBAL INTERNET & NEXT GENERATION NETWORKS 2004 , Global Internet 2002, the 2001 IBM NY/NJ Networking Workshop, the 1999 Web Caching Workshop, and the 1998 and 1999 Workshops on Internet Server Performance. Some time ago, he was on the program committees for ICDCS-14 and the 4th Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems.


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