This is Roger Koch's web page. My email address is user coke on domain


Papers of R.H. Koch

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The following web pages use both *.avi files and *.wav files. The wave files use GSM 6.10 at 2 Kbits/sec. The quality of the voice tracks is reduced by the need to compress the files to this level. Often the "p" sound will pop out of the speaker with this level of compression. Both the Netscape and Microsoft web browsers will read most of these files in Windows, but IE generally will open more types of files. On LINUX the RPM file for the audio viewer needs to be loaded.

The external pages are designed to be viewed using an 1024 by 768 (or larger) screen size and a fast link. Don't try this at home. The internal IBM pages are designed to be viewed using an 1280 by 1024 (or larger) screen size and a really fast link.

In these pages there are references to both *.mac and *.dat files which are native files to DMPC, my data collection program. To open these files, a copy of DMPC is required, which is generally not available. Also some of the links are dead, they usually lead to IBM confidential data, which is not reproduced on this public web site. Some times the links are dead becuase this site is underconstruction.