Ashwini Nanda
List of Patents
PAT. NO. Title
6,038,645 Microprocessor circuits, systems, and methods using a combined writeback queue and victim cache
6,032,225 Microprocessor system with burstable, non-cacheable memory access support
5,881,277 Pipelined microprocessor with branch misprediction cache circuits, systems and methods
6,826,651 State-based allocation and replacement for improved hit ratio in directory caches
6,792,512 Method and system for organizing coherence directories in shared memory systems
6,721,858 Parallel implementation of protocol engines based on memory partitioning
6,628,615 Two level virtual channels
6,405,292 Split pending buffer with concurrent access of requests and responses to fully associative and indexed components
6,338,123 Complete and concise remote (CCR) directory