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Archan's frontal face picture            Archan Misra

            Research Staff Member,

            Next-Generation Web Infrastructure Dept.

            IBM T J Watson Research Center

            19 Skyline Drive,

            Hawthorne, NY 10532, USA


            Office: +1-914-478-9232

            Home: +1-914-231-5621

            Fax:    +1-914-784-6225





RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Wireless and Pervasive Computing Infrastructure


  Wireless Networking and                                     Pervasive Computing

  Mobile Computing                                                Infrastructure and Middleware


¨ High-Performance Wireless Mesh


¨ Data Management for Sensor and Actuator


¨ Multimedia Signaling and Services in  

    Converged Networks

¨ Event-based Distributed Middleware and

     Programming Models

¨ Energy-aware and Low-Power Wireless 


¨ Privacy and Provenance over Distributed

    Sensor Data Streams

¨ Mobility Management and Location

    Tracking in Integrated Wireless Networks

¨ Autonomic Management and Control of

    Sensor Networks

¨ Wireless Technologies for Healthcare

¨ Service Creation and Composition in

    Pervasive Environments



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Untethered Network

Technologies Chair:

IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC), August 2003-current

  TPC Chair:

IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WOWMOM), Niagara Falls, June 2006

  Technical Editor:

IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, (December 2004-current)

  Guest Editor:

IEEE Network Magazine, special issue on “Multimedia Over Wireless Broadband Networks”, 1st Quarter, 2006.

  Tutorials Chair:

1st International Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and MiddlewaRE (COMSWARE), Delhi, Jan 2006

7th International Workshop on DistributedComputing (IWDC), Kharagpur, December 2005

 Tutorial Speaker

“SIP: A Protocol for Managing Next Generation Networks”:

13th IEEE International Conference on Networking Protocols (ICNP),     November 2005.

     ACM Multimedia Conference, November 2005.

 TPC Member:

IEEE INFOCOM 2006, IEEE Mobiquitous 2006, IEEE SECON 2005,

ACM MoBiDE 2005,  IEEE PerSeNS 2006





Complete Publications (chronological)                 Complete Publications (by topic)


·         C. Chou and A. Misra, Low Latency Multimedia Broadcast in Multi-rate Wireless Meshes, 1st IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks (WIMESH), September 2005.

·         A. Acharya, A. Misra and S. Bansal, Design and Analysis of a Cooperative Medium Access Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks, BroadNets 2004, September 2004.

·         N. Cohen, P. Castro and A. Misra, Descriptive Naming of Context Data Providers, 5th International Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT), July 2005.

·         D. Chakraborty, S. Jaiswal, A. Misra and A. Nanavati, Middleware Architecture for Evaluation and Selection of 3rd Party Web Services for Service Providers, IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), July 2005.

·         Q. Dong, S. Banerjee, M. Adler and A. Misra, Minimum Energy Reliable Paths Using Unreliable Wireless Links, Proceedings of ACM Mobihoc, May 2005.

·         J. Black, P. Castro, A. Misra and J. White, Live Data Views: Programming Pervasive Applications that Use “Timely” and “Dynamic” Data,  Mobile Data Management Conference (MDM), May  2005.

·         Misra, A. Roy and S. K. Das, An Information-Theoretic Framework for Optimal Location Tracking in Multi-System 4G Wireless Networks, Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM, March 2004.

·         Misra, J. Lee and P. Castro, CLASH: A Protocol for Internet-Scale Utility-Oriented Distributed Computing, IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), March 2004.

·         S. Banerjee and A. Misra, Energy Efficient Reliable Communication for Multi-hop Wireless Networks, to appear in the Journal of Wireless Networks (WINET). (Extended version of ACM Mobihoc 2002 paper.)

·         S. Bansal, R. Shorey and A. Misra, Energy Efficiency and Capacity for TCP Traffic in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks, to appear in ACM/Kluwer Journal of Wireless Networks (WINET).

·        A. Acharya, A. Misra and S. Bansal, A label-switching Packet Forwarding Architecture for Multi-Hop Wireless LANs, Proceedings of ACM Workshop on Mobile Multimedia (WoWMoM 2002), September 2002, Atlanta, USA. (ACM WOWMOM Best Paper Award)

·         A Misra and T. Ott, Jointly Coordinating ECN and TCP for Rapid Adaptation to Varying Bandwidth, Proceedings of IEEE MILCOM, October 2001, Fairfax, USA. (Fred W Ellersick Award for Best Technical Paper.)