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Alan Hoffman

Born May 30, 1924 in New York City. 
Educated at Columbia (AB, 1947, PhD, 1950). 
Served in U. S. Army, 1943-46. 

1950-51 Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 
1951-56 Mathematician, National Bureau of Standards, Washington 
1956-57 Scientific Liason Officer, Office of Naval Research, London,U.K. 
1957-61 Consultant, Management Consultation Services, General Electric Company, New York 
1961-2002 Research Staff Member, T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM, Yorktown Heights 
2002 - IBM Fellow Emeritus, T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM, Yorktown Heights 

Alan Hoffman

Adjunct or Visiting Professor at:

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 1965 
City University of New York, 1965-1976 
Yale University, 1975-1985 and 1991 
Stanford University, 1980-1991 
Rutgers University, 1990-1996 
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992-93 


Fred Buckley, City University of New York, 1978 
Michael Doob, City University of New York, 1969 
Michael Gargano, City University of New York, 1975 
Allan Gewirtz, City University of New York, 1967 
Rafael Hassin, Yale University, 1977 
Leonard Howes, City University of New York, 1970 
Basharat Jamil, City University of New York, 1976 
Sidney Jacobs, City University of New York, 1971 
Deborah Kornblum, City University of New York, 1978 
S. Thomas McCormick, Stanford University, 1983 
Louis Quintas, City University of New York, 1967 
Peter Rolland, City University of New York, 1976 
Howard Samowitz, City University of New York, 1979 
Robert Singleton, Princeton University, 1962 
Lennox Superville, City University of New York, 1978 

Present or past service on editorial boards of:

Linear Algebra and its Applications (founding editor) 
Mathematics of Operations Research 
Discrete Mathematics 
Discrete Applied Mathematics 
Naval Research Logistics Quarterly 
Journal of Combinatorial Theory 
SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 
SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics 
Mathematics of Computation 
International Computing Center Bulletin 


Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1982- 
IBM Fellow, 1978- 
D. Sc. (Hon.) Technion, 1986 
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1987- 
Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences, 1975- 
Phi Beta Kappa Lecturer, l989-90 
Special issue of Lin. Alg. Appl., l989, for 65th birthday 
von Neumann Prize (Operations Research Society & 
Institute of Management Science), 1992 
Founder's Award, Mathematical Programming Society, 2000 
Fellow, Institute for Operations Research and Management Science, 2002- 

Publications of Alan J. Hoffman

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27. Generalization of a theorem Of Konig, Jour. Wash. Acad. Sciences 46: 211-212 (1956). 

28. Systems of inequalities involving convex functions, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 8:617-622 (1957) (with K. Fan And I. Glicksberg). 

29. Geometry, Chapter 8, 97-102, Handbook Of Physics, McGraw-hill (1958) 

30. Linear programming, McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology 7, 522-523 (1960). 

31. Some recent applications of the theory of linear inequalities to extremal combinatorial analysis, Proc. Symp. in Applied Mathematics, Amer. Math. Soc., 113-127 (1960). 

32. On the uniqueness of the triangular association scheme, Annals of Mathematical Statistics 31: 492-497 (1960). 

33. On the exceptional case in a characterization of the arcs of a complete graph, IBM J. Res. and Dev. 4:487-496 (1960). 

34. On Moore Graphs with diameters 2 and 3, IBM J. Res. and Dev. 4: 497-404 (1960) (with R. Singleton). 

35. Extreme varieties, concave functions and the fixed charge problem, Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics 14:355-369 (1961) (with W. Hirsch). 

36. Block design games, Canadian Journal of Mathematics 13: 110-128 (196 (with M. Richardson). 

37. On unimodular matrices, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 12:1321-1327 (1962) (with I. Heller). 

38. Finding optimal combinations, Science and Technology, 26-33 (July, 1962) (with R. Gomory) 

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184. Gersgorin Variations II; On Themes of Fan and Gudkov, to appear in Linear Algebra and its Applications. 

185. Remarks on the perfect graph and pluperfect graph theorems, to appear in Discrete Mathematics. 

186. On the singularity of matrices, to appear in Linear Algebra and its Applications (with Don Coppersmith). 


1. Processing System and Method for Performing Sparse Matrix Multiplication by Reordering Vector Blocks, U.S. Patent 5,905,666, May 18, 1999, with W.Pulleylank and J. Tomlin. 

2. Algorithm for Partitioning of Graphs & Computer Logic Ba, Disclosure YO8710365, with W.E. Donath. 

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7. A Procedure for Partitioning the Nodes of a Graph, Disclosure YO8840645, with E.R. Barnes, A. Vannelli, and P.S. Wolfe. 

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