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Page Detailer provides instrumentation and visualization of the performance of web page downloads, showing decomposition of the web page into its component parts (e.g., HTML, GIFs, Applets) and the activities involved in retrieving them. By understanding the retrieval schedule for Web page components, page designers can dramatically improve performance by reorganizing content. By decomposing response time, site architects can understand how to tune their servers and/or configure their applications to provide optimum performance.

Page Detailer relies heavily on IBM Research's patented Web Detailer (aka ETE: End-to-End performance monitoring, US#06108700) technology developed in Hawthorne to provide instrumentation of browsers and other HTTP-based applications and to correlate discrete events into a hierarchy of timelines. Page Detailer has been used extensively in customer engagements and is currently available for purchase as part of the WebSphereTM Studio v3.5.

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Related Publications:

Download the paper "ETE: A Customizable Approach to Measuring End-to-End Response Times and Their Components in Distributed Systems," Joseph L. Hellerstein, Mark Maccabee, W. Nathaniel Mills, and John J. Turek. International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 1999.

Download the paper "Metrics for Performance Tuning of Web-Based Applications," W. Nathaniel Mills III, LeRoy Krueger, Willy Chiu, Nagui Halim, Joseph L Hellerstein, Mark S Squillante, To appear The Computer Measurement Group, 2000.

"Design for performance: Analysis of download times for page elements suggests ways to optimize"

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