Tiered storage

In the field of tiered archival storage we address new storage requirements posed by the companies and organizations that base their operations and mission-critical businesses on the ability to store and process vast amounts of data efficiently and cost-effectively. The common new storage requirements are:

Scalable active archive is another term used for storage systems that satisfy these requirements.

Our research on this topic focuses on integrating solid-state drive, disk, and tape tiers under a single name space, and providing additional management functions for moving the data between the tiers.

To provide a single name space, reliability, scalability, and data management, we leverage IBM's General Parallel File System (GPFS) technology and OpenStack Swift.

To add a reliable and cheap storage tier, we integrate the open-standard Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology.

LTFS EE provides more details about our approach for building a clustered file system on top of flash, disk and tape.

IceTier provides more details about our approach for building object storage on top of disk and tape.

DOME is a related project that covers the tiered storage aspects such as tiers dimensioning and data placement optimization.


single name space

Tiered storage combines different types of storage media, preferably under a single name space and using a standard interface, equipped with data lifecycle management functions for migrating data between different storage tiers.