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Shaping liquids to find tumors in human tissues: Emmanuel Delamarche at TEDxZurich

IBM precision diagnostics: Real-time video of capillary forces on a microfluidic silicon chip

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Supplementary material

These real-time videos constitute supplementary material to some of our publications.

Capillary pumps for autonomous capillary systems.
Zimmermann, M., Schmid, H., Hunziker, P. and Delamarche, E.
Lab Chip 2007, 7, 119-125
Videos showing the filling behavior of a liquid inside different types of capillary pumps.
Capillary pumps Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
Screening of cell membrane proteins using a micromosaic immunoassay format.
Wolf, M., Zimmermann, M., Hunziker, P. and Delamarche, E.
Biomed. Microdevices, 2007, 9, 135-141.
Video corresponding to a micromosaic immunoassay in which cells having CD44 surface receptors and fluorescein dyes are captured on patterned anti-CD44 antibodies.
Micromosaic immunoassay Video
Autonomous microfluidic capillary system.
David Juncker, Heinz Schmid, Ute Drechsler, Heiko Wolf, Marc Wolf, Bruno Michel, Nico de Rooij, and Emmanuel Delamarche
Anal. Chem. 2002, 74, 6139-6144.
Video CS1 shows the repeated delivery of liquids to the service ports of 4 independent capillary systems, and the autonomous transport of the liquids out of the service ports.
Video CS2 shows the sequential filling and flushing of 4 reaction chambers of 4 independent CSs with colored aqueous solutions. These solutions were manually delivered to the service cavities in a manner similar to video 1.
Capillary system 1 Video CS1
Capillary system 2 Video CS2
Multipurpose microfluidic probe.
David Juncker, Heinz Schmid, and Emmanuel Delamarche
Nat. Mater. 2005, 4, 622-628.
Video nmat1435-s1 is a real-time fluorescence video of the hydrodynamic flow confinement in a gap formed between the mesa of a microfluidic probe and a substrate surface. The injected aqueous solution contained fluorescein (green) and 2.5-um-wide fluorescent beads (red) that reveal the shape and flow lines, respectively, whereas the surrounding medium (water) appears black. nmat1435-s1
Video nmat1435-s2 is a real-time fluorescence video of microarraying one type of fluorescently-labelled protein on a surface in the presence of a surrounding liquid. nmat1435-s2
Video nmat1435-s3 is a real-time fluorescence video of the localized desorption of proteins from a surface using a microfluidic probe. nmat1435-s3