Rhön-Klinikum to study how IBM Watson can support rare diseases team

All-memristive neuromorphic computing with level-tuned neurons

Cryptographer Christian Cachin talks about blockchain innovation

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Cognitive storage for Big Data

Distributed password verification

IBM scientists invent a thermometer for the nanoscale

IBM scientists trigger and observe reactions in an individual molecule

Breakthrough in protecting personal data using the Cloud

IBM Research and CIQUS scientists first to image short-lived molecules

Scientists for a smarter planet: Bruno Michel

DIASPORA or Drift In Amorphous Semiconductors

Project THRIVE: Heat utilisation with solid sorption technology

Internet of Things goes the distance with the LoRa Alliance

AU2EU - EU project to improve trust, security and privacy

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IBM Research sets new record for tape storage

IBM Fellow Alessandro Curioni on Motivation

An IBM Fellow on her creative toolkit

Breakthrough in protecting personal data

New record in tape data density

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Meet our ERC Grant winners

  • Jan Camenisch

    Jan Camenisch

    Crypographer, member of the IBM Academy of Technology and IEEE Fellow

  • Leo Gross

    Leo Gross

    Physicist, working on atomic/molecular manipulation by STM and AFM, recipient of Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology

  • Govind Kaigala

    Govind Kaigala

    Experimental bioscientist, co-inventor of the microfluidic probe, recipient of the IBM Reseach Division Accomplishment Award 2014

  • Armin Knoll

    Armin Knoll

    Polymer physicist, nanotechnologist, author of 120+ publications and patents

  • Gerhard Meyer

    Gerhard Meyer

    Physicist, APS Fellow, recipient of IBM Corporate Award, German Nanoscience Prize and the R.W. Pohl Prize of the German Physical Society

  • Kirsten Moselund

    Kirsten Moselund

    PhD in Microelectronics, developing plasmonically enhanced nanolasers based on III-V nanowires integrated on Si using TASE technology

  • Abu Sebastian

    Abu Sebastian

    Emerging memory and cognitive technologies, scanning probe technologies, and enabling tools for nanotechnology

  • Michail Vlachos

    Michail Vlachos

    Data mining, information retrieval and data visualization expert. Fulbright Scholar 1999-2000. Author of 100+ publications and pattents