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Meet our ERC Grant winners

  • Jan Camenisch

    Jan Camenisch

    Crypographer, member of the IBM Academy of Technology and IEEE Fellow

  • Leo Gross

    Leo Gross

    Physicist, working on atomic/molecular manipulation by STM and AFM, recipient of Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology

  • Govind Kaigala

    Govind Kaigala

    Experimental bioscientist, co-inventor of the microfluidic probe, recipient of the IBM Reseach Division Accomplishment Award 2014

  • Armin Knoll

    Armin Knoll

    Polymer physicist, nanotechnologist, author of 120+ publications and patents

  • Gerhard Meyer

    Gerhard Meyer

    Physicist, APS Fellow, recipient of IBM Corporate Award, German Nanoscience Prize and the R.W. Pohl Prize of the German Physical Society

  • Kirsten Moselund

    Kirsten Moselund

    PhD in Microelectronics, developing plasmonically enhanced nanolasers based on III-V nanowires integrated on Si using TASE technology

  • Abu Sebastian

    Abu Sebastian

    Emerging memory and cognitive technologies, scanning probe technologies, and enabling tools for nanotechnology

  • Michail Vlachos

    Michail Vlachos

    Data mining, information retrieval and data visualization expert. Fulbright Scholar 1999-2000. Author of 100+ publications and patents