IBM DeepCurrent

IBM DeepCurrent is a research project that focuses on the prediction of environmental conditions in coastal oceans, rivers and lakes. It works in the specific field of geophysical fluid dynamics, which focuses on fluid motion in the earth’s system. It simulates the flow of water and corresponding changes in its properties, such as variations in temperature, salinity and nutrient concentrations.

IBM DeepCurrent combines advanced mathematical techniques, high-performance computing, targeted grid generation capabilities and assimilation of measured data from a diverse range of sources to model the physics that represent the coastal environment.

IBM DeepCurrent provides accurate prediction and forecasting of oceanographic processes in continuous real-time, enabling the accurate predictions and forecasting of flooding events, nutrient dispersion and operational monitoring of the natural marine environment. The system is further coupled with a range of event detection and control systems to create an integrated platform that informs decision-making pertinent to surface bodies of water.


Simulation results

Simulation of flows in Galway Bay, Ireland, during periods of high wind using  IBM DeepCurrent

Simulation of the residency of chemical particles in a bay using IBM DeepCurrent