A system for joint carsharing and carpooling

This method is an optimization-based approach for scheduling events and assigning shared vehicles for travel to these events.

To provide an example of a case where the need for such a method arises, consider a setting where individuals often travel among buildings in a large industrial or university campus to attend meetings. While individuals could use their own vehicles or use a regularly scheduled shuttle service to travel among buildings, employing a carsharing service for this purpose has numerous advantages over other alternatives. However, ensuring that there are a sufficient number of vehicles available to meet demand becomes a concern.

We provide a method that can ensure efficient utilization of a relatively small fleet of vehicles can keep the quality of service high, while keeping operational costs low. In settings such as these, there is often flexibility in when and where meetings are scheduled.

Our method exploits this flexibility to schedule and locate meetings in a way that maximizes the sharing of vehicles, ensuring that a relatively small fleet of vehicles can serve the demands of a large population of users.


Randy Cogill


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