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The team at IBM Research - India

The IBM Research - India team.

Established in 1998, IBM Research - India has been advancing information technology through research in software and services, and providing leadership by delivering innovations to IBM’s clients. With locations in New Delhi and Bangalore, the lab is focused on a wide array of projects in exploratory and applied research.

IBM Research - India has emerged as a premier research lab in the region with an impressive list of achievements, including innovations in service delivery such as customer analytics, workforce management and global delivery management. In addition the lab is working to solve unique challenges in emerging markets such as spoken web, cleansing of noisy data, and scalable analytics platforms for the telecom industry.

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Work at IBM Research - India

Our work

Focus areas

Cognitive Solutions and Services

The Cognitive Solutions and Services department at IBM Research - India is focused on developing the next generation of cognitive technology solutions and services to fundamentally change the way we interact with computers, people, and enterprise scale systems.

Business Analytics and Mathematical Science

IBM Research conducts theoretical and applied research in several areas of analytical and mathematical sciences, including optimization, algorithms, stochastic analysis, statistics, data mining, predictive modeling and simulation.

Telecom and Mobile

IBM Research focuses on developing innovative technologies and solutions utilizing the explosive growth of mobile communication and rapid improvements in smartphone technology. Projects are conducted in areas such as :

  • Telecom and Mobile Analytics
  • Telecom BSS and OSS systems
  • Mobile Application Development and Run-time
  • Mobile Security
  • Context-aware Services
  • Machine to Machine
  • Mobile enabled Industry Solutions

Information Management

By developing next-generation technologies for advanced business intelligence and insight generation, context-oriented information integration, and extraction of semantic knowledge from unstructured data, IBM Research builds intelligent solutions and services to address business problems in a variety of industrial sectors including financial, telecommunication, retail, and healthcare.

Systems Research

We design and build next generation systems that deliver flexibility, performance and cost-efficiency.

Productivity Tools and Software Engineering

IBM Research - India focuses on improving productivity in software development, testing, and maintenance, and improving software quality.

Smarter Planet Solutions

Our Smarter Planet solutions focus on three primary areas:

  • Improve performance of engineering, scientific and business applications on high performance platforms such as the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer
  • Pursue wireless solutions by researching optimizations, algorithms and architectures for 3G and 4G telecommunication technologies and private enterprise networks
  • Develop solutions for smarter energy including generation, transmission and distribution

Meet the researchers

  • Ravi Kothari

    Dr. Ravi Kothari

    IBM Distinguished Engineer
    and Chief Scientist
    IBM Research - India

  • Portrait image of Ashish Verma

    Ashish Verma

    Senior Manager - Smarter Planet Solutions,
    IBM Research - India

  • Mukesh Mohania, DE and Global Chief Architect, Education Transformation

    Mukesh Mohania

    Distinguished Engineer and Global Chief Architect, Education Transformation
    IBM Research - India