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Innovation rarely occurs in isolation. IBM Research's 12 labs on six continents are collaboration hubs where more than 3,000 researchers cross-pollinate ideas that lead to major breakthroughs.


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IBM Research locations

Nairobi, Kenya, and Johannesburg, South Africa

Melbourne, Australia

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beijing and Shanghai, China

Delhi and Bengaluru, India

Dublin, Ireland

Haifa, Israel

Hartree Centre
Daresbury Warrington, United Kingdom

Tokyo and Shin-kawasaki, Japan

Zurich, Switzerland

United States - Almaden
San Jose, California, USA

United States - Austin
Austin, Texas, USA

United States - Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, New York, USA

Bringing IBM inventions to life

Designers and machinists in the model shop at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center bring researchers’ inventions to life. With their motto of “a napkin sketch will do,” the model makers have designed and contributed to numerous IBM Research breakthroughs, including installation of the dilution fridges that hold the IBM Quantum Experience's superconducting qubit devices; the development of Watson’s mechanical thumb, used to press the buzzer on Jeopardy!; building a water-based cooling system for the Blue Gene supercomputer; and constructing pollution sensor housing for the Green Horizons project in China to help Beijing and other cities better manage air pollution.


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