IBM Research | Haifa

Oded Cohn, Vice-President and Lab Director

Oded Cohn, Vice-President and Lab Director

Oded Cohn is an IBM Vice President serving as the Director of the IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel. Oded is responsible for a highly accomplished IT research lab that employs many talented individuals. His responsibilities cover the strategy, research directions, focus, and advancement of the research carried out by the lab workforce.

IBM Research - Haifa employs researchers in a number of strategic areas including artificial intelligence systems, mobile and IoT solutions, healthcare analytics, and computing as a service -- including cloud, security, and quality technologies. As leader, Oded works on setting the company’s global strategy in these areas and the local adaptation of these strategies in Haifa. He also spearheads IBM’s interaction with the local ecosystem, including academic and research institutes, global corporations with operations in Israel, and Israeli corporations with a global presence, alongside VC-backed startups. As part of this task, Oded oversees the lab’s collaboration with academic and industry organizations outside Israel.

Oded’s top priorities as head of the lab are to help increase IBM’s global efforts to make our planet smarter through collaboration and partnering. IBM Research - Haifa has joint projects with tens of universities and academic institutions around the globe, and is proud of its many industrial clients including companies in Spain, Taiwan, India, Korea, South Africa, Europe, and across the US.

Oded has a long history of leadership positions in IBM, together with outstanding technical achievements in the area of storage. Oded joined the lab as a researcher where he and his peers laid the foundation for advanced functions and copy services in storage. Oded co-authored the pioneering patents in this area, which helped IBM take breakthrough steps in the industry. The Haifa Research Lab is still active in this area, specializing in cloud storage and scalable cloud storage solutions.

Aside from being awarded prizes both within and outside IBM, Oded has published key patents, including one for algorithms that perform linear sorting. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Technion, where his studies in computer science focused on software specification and verification.

Oded is dedicated to his family and is an avid soccer fan. His personal philosophy is that we can create great value across the planet through collaboration, and firmly believes that together, we can achieve far more than individually.