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Smarter transportation

As populations in cities grow, so does the demand on the transportation infrastructure that services these cities. Congestion, increase in travel time and the resulting pollution are an issue for cities as they try to manage their vast transportation networks. A problem for these cities is an inability to understand all the pieces of their transportation network and how they interact. Scientists at IBM Research - China are developing a system, named the Transit Network and Operation Optimization System, which helps transportation operators and passengers make better decisions around transportation operations by looking at the various components of a transportation system (e.g. trains, buses, cars) and analyzing factors such as demand and current utilization.

By analyzing real-time data such as anticipated transportation demand from citizens, the health of the transit networks operations, timetables and capacity utilization, transportation operators can respond to the demands and capacity of the system to avoid congestion and offer travelers and passengers real-time information about the transportation network so they can make choices on the best method of transportation to take.

Meet the researchers

  • Xiang Fei image

    Xiang Fei

    Research Staff Member,
    IBM Research - China