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solar and windmill project at IBM Research - China

A solar panel and windmill project at the IBM Research - China lab.

IBM Research - China was established in Beijing in September 1995. In October 2008, a new research facility was opened in Shanghai to provide local partners greater accessibility to IBM Research’s capabilities. IBM Research - China has been growing steadily in the past years, and has become one of the most prestigious and well-recognized research institutes in China.

Currently, IBM Research - China is focused on research around Internet of Things, cloud and analytics. Additional projects focus on energy and utilities, supply chain optimization and Smarter Cities. In 2008, IBM Research - China was awarded the "Supply Chain Academic Excellence" and the "Global Award for Supply Chain Excellence," the most prestigious awards from the Supply-Chain Council.

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Meet the director

  • Xiaowei Shen

    Xiaowei Shen

    Director, IBM Research - China

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