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Members of IBM's Smarter Energy and Environmental Solutions team at IBM Research - China

IBM Research – China, Beijing

Established in 1995, IBM Research – China is one of the most prominent multinational research powerhouses in China. In October 2008, a second research facility broke ground in Shanghai to provide local partners with increased accessibility to IBM Research’s solutions and capabilities. After decades of practice and experience, IBM Research – China is making significant marks in industries and solutions, cognitive computing, computing as a service and the Internet of Things.

Industries and Solutions

  • Industry solutions

    We are deploying cutting-edge technologies to enable new ways to solve challenges and generate new insights and to provide innovative solutions and services in areas such as environmental protection, energy & utilities, logistics & supply chain, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services.

Cognitive Computing

  • Cognitive computing

    We are working on cognitive technologies, including dynamic learning & reasoning, behavioral science & decision support, visualization & interaction, text and speech analytics as well as machine-learning systems for advanced risk assessment.

Computing as a Service

  • Computing as a service

    We are focusing on building a large-scale cloud computing platform to afford users a faster and more economical way to enjoy on-demand computing resources over the Internet.


  • Internet of Things

    We are driving the advancement of IoT data management and analytics platform technologies with superior performance and cognitive capabilities based on a Cloud architecture to build differentiated IoT industry solutions that will enable industry transformations and innovations on a global basis.

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