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IBM Research – China invites global candidates to apply for the 2016 Great Minds internship program located in Beijing and Shanghai. The Great Minds program is an annual competitive two- to six-month internship. Selected students will have the unique opportunity to work with world-class scientists in an open and cultivating environment. 

At IBM Research – China, our mission is to ignite research-driven innovation solutions, execute IBM’s thought leadership, and become a visionary forerunner in industry research. Established in 1995, IBM Research – China is known as the first R&D institute founded by a multinational company in China, guiding the trend of “Made in China”, “R&D in China” and “Served in China”. We are committed to our clients by making our work essential.

In October 2008, a second research site broke ground in Shanghai to provide local partners with the best access to IBM’s solutions and capabilities. Today, we have a community of passionate IBM scientists working every day to strengthen our portfolio in Cognitive Computing & Industry Solutions, Science & Solutions, and Computing as a Service. Additionally, IBM Research – China is leading research in the Internet-of-Things.

Program Overview

Great minds and great ideas drive innovations. As an industry-leading IT research organization, IBM Research – China focuses on accelerating innovative collaborations across IBM’s global labs. We strive to stay relevant to our clients by initiating high-market-value projects. Our researchers collaborate with partners in academia in far-reaching projects to invent the technological future with critical innovations.

In keeping with IBM's continuously close relationships with universities, we are seeking the brightest minds and the hottest ideas worldwide. The Great Minds program offers candidates valuable resources and industry insights. We encourage candidates to become ambassadors of the sciences and to share their experiences with their local departments and institutions.

IBM Research – China focuses on the following areas of research. We are currently offering internship positions in:

  • Environmental & Energy: Big Data Analytics & Innovation Solutions
  • Cognitive Healthcare
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Technology and Solution Innovations
  • Business Analytics & Optimization Research
  • Cognitive Computing and Human-Machine Interaction
  • Blockchain


The Great Minds program is open to all graduate students (preferably PhD candidates) from accredited universities. Ideally, candidates should be in their second year of graduate studies. All majors are welcomed with preference given to the following areas of studies. Please refer to our JD listing for details about our current research areas and internship requirements.

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Service Science

IBM is an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds to apply. We would especially like to encourage qualified women scientists to participate and apply.

Relocation and Stipend

Interns will be paid a highly competitive stipend compared with other leading companies in China. Additionally, IBM Research – China will provide candidates with corresponding travel and living allowances. As a reward, outstanding candidates with excellent internship performance will receive a one-year IEEE membership fee upon completion of their internships.

The exact starting time and duration of the internship will be agreed upon with each candidate individually. We will take into account the candidate's academic commitments and the availability of our IBM staff members.

How to apply

You can apply for the Great Minds program at IBM Research – China in our Beijing or Shanghai locations. Participants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from their faculty member and their most current CV.

A committee of IBM technical experts will review all applications, and qualified candidates will be notified for interviews. Finalists will start their internship in 2016 on a mutually agreed date. Please don't forget to propose your possible starting dates and internship duration (2 - 6 months) on the application form.

Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2016.


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Beijing site



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Shanghai site


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