Michael Karasick, Ph.D
Vice President
IBM Research - Almaden

Dr. Michael Karasick, Vice President of IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, California oversees scientists and engineers performing exploratory and applied research at the home of the relational database and world's first hard disk drive. Today the lab specializes in areas including: storage systems, data management and analytics, nanotechnology, materials science, Web 2.0 technologies and what IBM calls Smarter Planet projects, such as healthcare informatics, water desalination and electric car batteries.

Prior to his current role, Karasick was VP of Business and Technical Strategy for IBM's Software business in Somers, NY. He led technical initiatives spanning all IBM Software brands encompassing key industry and horizontal standards work, Linux support and IBM platform workload optimization. Before moving to New York, Karasick was for three years Director of Development for Lotus-China -responsible for products such as Lotus Symphony. He has also been the Lotus Director of Development for Client Platforms and Technologies, where he was responsible for the Lotus Expeditor product as well as the Lotus mobility products and technical direction. Before moving to China, Karasick was the IBM development director responsible for embedded software development and sensor solutions.

Karasick has served as CTO and Director of Architecture for IBM's Pervasive Computing Division, leading the design and evolution of middleware and device software. He has also led the Pervasive Computing Systems and Software team at TJ Watson Research Center, focusing on hardware design, system development, cognitive psychology and usability, user interface design, speech, and middleware. Karasick's early career in Research included a senior manager role in Software Development Technology; an IBM assignment at Sematech, where he led a multi-company effort to produce a system for simulating semiconductor manufacturing logistics; work in the areas of robotics and geometric modeling and robotics, shortly after joining IBM Research in 1988.

Karasick has published numerous papers in the areas of software engineering, geometric modeling, programming languages and compilers, and pervasive computing. He is a member of the ACM and IEEE. He received an Hons B.S. from the University of Manitoba, MS from McGill University, and Ph.d from McGill and Cornell Universities, all in Computer Science. He was named an IBM Master Inventor in 2010.

Michael Karasick