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IBM Systems Journal

Continuously Available Systems Infrastructures Volume 47, Number 4, 2008 Click to enlarge
SJ 47-4
Businesses rely on their IT systems infrastructures for mission-critical data and applications. The business impact of even brief failures has led to the need for continuous (or nearly continuous) IT service availability in all circumstances, including disaster conditions. Individual systems can fail, but the end-to-end IT systems infrastructure must always be there to service the business. This issue of the IBM Systems Journal contains 15 papers that describe alternative infrastructure designs and system platform technologies being deployed or proposed by IBM and some of its clients to successfully meet this continuous availability challenge.
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Message from the Vice President, Solutions & Global Technical Sales, IBM Global Sales & Distribution Holly D. Unland  
Preface H. Morrill, D. Seidman and J. J. Ritsko p. 491
Achieving continuous availability of IBM systems infrastructures H. Morrill, M. Beard, and D. Clitherow p. 493
IBM Parallel Sysplex clustering: Technology options for continuous availability C. Jews, R. Ahmad, and D. H. Surman p. 505
IBM Power Systems platform: Advancements in the state of the art in IT availability G. T. McLaughlin, L. Y. Liu, D. J. DeGroff, and K. W. Fleck p. 519
Resilient hosting in a continuously available virtualized environment R. R. Scadden, R. J. Bogdany, J. W. Clifford, H. D. Pearthree, and R. A. Locke p. 535
IT service management for high availability R. Radhakrishnan, K. Mark, and B. Powell p. 549
Combining high availability and disaster recovery solutions for critical IT environments D. Clitherow, M. Brookbanks, N. Clayton, and G. Spear p. 563
Three reliability engineering techniques and their application to evaluating the availability of IT systems: An introduction D. Bailey, E. Frank-Schultz, P. Lindeque, and J. L. Temple III p. 577
Leveraging virtualization to optimize high-availability system configurations S. Loveland, E. M. Dow, F. LeFevre, D. Beyer, and P. F. Chan p. 591
From high availability and disaster recovery to business continuity solutions Th. Lumpp, J. Schneider, J. Holtz, M. Mueller, N. Lenz, A. Biazetti, and D. Petersen p. 605
Availability analysis of blade server systems W. E. Smith, K. S. Trivedi, L  A. Tomek, and J. Ackaret p. 621
The resiliency challenge presented by soft failure incidents J. M. Caffrey p. 641
Scoring and thresholding for availability S. Heisig and J. R. M. Hosking p. 653
Enhancing availability with service automation and a trusted support partner B. Haataia, S. Fredericksen, E. Burris, L. Bragg, K. W. Eastley, and J. Bird p. 667
IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication for z/OS W. J. Rooney, G. E. McBride, and T. Hanif p. 681
Data center topologies for mission-critical business systems R. Cocchiara, H. Davis, and D. Kinnaird p. 695
Contents of Volume 47, 2008   p. 707
Errata   p. 709

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