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IBM Systems Journal

IT-Enabled Business Transformation Volume 46, Number 4, 2007 Click to enlarge
SJ 46-4
Advances in information technology (IT), coupled with the increased competition brought about by globalization, are strongly affecting the business environment. To succeed in this new environment, businesses are transforming themselves and becoming more agile and more efficient. The twelve papers in this issue highlight the key IT-related factors that are contributing to the success of IBM's own transformation, such as implementing an enterprise-wide data architecture program, expanding the use of service-oriented architectures, using voice technologies to help people communicate better, and deploying a company-wide collaborative innovation program.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0167-00
Message from the Senior Vice President, Enterprise On Demand Transformation & Information Technology Linda S. Sanford  
Preface A. Birman and J. J. Ritsko p. 627
Transforming IBM
A model for CIO-led innovation D. L. Newbold and M. C. Azua p. 629
Engaging a corporate community to manage technology and embrace innovation A. W. Chow, B. D. Goodman, J. W. Rooney, and C. D. Wyble p. 639
IBM business transformation enabled by service-oriented architecture L. Walker p. 651
The internal information transformation of IBM J. A. Vayghan, S. M. Garfinkle, C. Walenta, D. C. Healy, and Z. Valentin p. 669
Sense-and-respond supply chain using model-driven techniques S. Kapoor, B. Binney, S. Buckley, H. Chang, T. Chao, M. Ettl, E. N. Luddy, R. K. Ravi, and J. Yang p. 685
Methods and technologies
Artifact-centered operational modeling: Lessons from customer engagements K. Bhattacharya, N. S. Caswell, S. Kumaran, A. Nigam, and F. Y. Wu p. 703
Core business architecture for a service-oriented enterprise N. Nayak, M. Linehan, A. Nigam, D. Marston, J.-J. Jeng, F. Y. Wu, D. Boullery, L. F. White, P. Nandi, and J. L. C. Sanz p. 723
Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of grassroots computing L. Cherbakov, A. Bravery, B. D. Goodman, A. Pandya, and J. Baggett p. 743
Voice-enabled IT transformation: The new voice technologies J. Christensen and B. Hughes p. 763
Analytics and optimization
On optimizing the selection of business transformation projects N. Abe, R. Akkiraju, S. Buckley, M. Ettl, P. Huang, D. Subramanian, and F. Tipu p. 777
Analytics-driven solutions for customer targeting and sales-force allocation R. Lawrence, C. Perlich, S. Rosset, J. Arroyo, M. Callahan, J. M. Collins, A. Ershov, S. Feinzig, I. Khabibrakhmanov, S. Mahatma, M. Niemaszyk, and S. M. Weiss p. 797
Model analysis for business event processing L. Zeng, H. Lei, T. Koyanagi, H. Ohsaki, and H. Chang p. 817
Contents of Volume 46, 2007   p. 833

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