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IBM Systems Journal

IBM Service Management Volume 46, Number 3, 2007 Click to enlarge
SJ 46-3
As the role and significance of services continue to grow in the global economy, effective systems and methodologies for their management supply a critical competitive advantage for service providers. IBM Service Management provides a structured approach for delivering value, managing risk, and performing data governance functions. This issue contains 15 papers describing IBM Service Management, including its architecture and platforms and how it relates to and extends current trends in ITSM (information technology service management).
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0166-00
Introduction Al Zollar, General Manager, IBM Software Group, Tivoli  
Preface C. J. Paul, C. Ward, D. I. Seidman, and J. J. Ritsko p. 373
A high-level perspective
An overview of IBM Service Management A. Ganek and K. Kloeckner p. 375
Adding value to the IT organization with the Component Business Model M. Ernest and J. M. Nisavic p. 387
An integration model for organizing IT service management J. Black, C. Draper, T. Lococo, F. Matar, and C. Ward p. 405
Service management platform
IBM Service Management architecture D. Lindquist, H. Madduri, C. J. Paul, and B. Rajaraman p. 423
A configuration management database architecture in support of IBM Service Management H. Madduri, S. S. B. Shi, R. Baker, N. Ayachitula, L. Shwartz, M. Surendra, C. Corley, M. Benantar, and S. Patel p. 441
Integrated change and configuration management C. Ward, V. Aggarwal, M. Buco, E. Olsson, and S. Weinberger p. 459
The process of building a Process Manager: Architecture and design patterns C. J. Paul p. 479
Delivering IT-enabled services
Integration of domain-specific IT processes and tools in IBM Service Management N. Joshi, W. Riley, J. Schneider, and Y.-S. Tan p. 497
Using a model-driven transformational approach and service-oriented architecture for service delivery management S. Kumaran, P. Bishop, T. Chao, P. Dhoolia, P. Jain, R. Jaluka, H. Ludwig, A. Moyer, and A. Nigam p. 513
Catalog-based service request management H. Ludwig, J. Hogan, R. Jaluka, D. Loewenstern, S. Kumaran, A. Gilbert, A. Roy, T. R. Nellutla, and M. Surendra p. 531
From a technology-oriented to a service-oriented approach to IT management A. J. Keel, M. A. Orr, R. R. Hernandez, E. A Patrocinio, and J. Bouchard p. 549
Directions and alternative viewpoints
IT service management architecture and autonomic computing P. Brittenham, R. R. Cutlip, C. Draper, B. A. Miller, S. Choudhary, and M. Perazolo p. 565
Evolving standards for IT service management M. W. Johnson, A. Hately, B. A. Miller, and R. Orr p. 583
Prospects for simplifying ITSM-based management through self-managing resources D. M. Chess, J. E. Hanson, J. A. Pershing, Jr., and S. R. White p. 599
IT Autopilot: A flexible IT service management and delivery platform for small and medium business S. Mastrianni, D. F. Bantz, K. A. Beaty, T. Chefalas, S. Jalan, G. Kar, A. Kochut, D. J. Lan, L. O’Connell, A. Sailer, G. Wang, Q. B. Wang, and D. G. Shea p. 609

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