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IBM Systems Journal

Information-Based Medicine Volume 46, Number 1, 2007 Click to enlarge
SJ 46-1
Advances in information technology systems and applications are rapidly changing medical research and clinical practice in a variety of ways, including accelerating the process of drug discovery and testing, facilitating the collection of statistics for research, and facilitating personalized treatment based on a patient's history and genetic data. This issue contains 12 papers describing health-care technology interoperability and standards, advances in imaging and telemedicine, clinical decision-support systems, and other emerging technologies.
Table of Contents Papers in:        Order No. G321-0164-00
Introduction Catherine Lasser, Vice President, IBM Industry Solutions and Emerging Business and Michael Svinte, Vice President, IBM Global Innovation and Information-Based Medicine  
Preface Joseph M. Jasinski, Program Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IBM Research, David I. Seidman, and John J. Ritsko p. 3
Interoperability and standards
A health-care data model based on the HL7 Reference Information Model T. J. Eggebraaten, J. W. Tenner, and J. C. Dubbels p. 5
Varieties of interoperability in the transformation of the health-care information infrastructure B. A. Eckman, C. A. Bennett, J. H. Kaufman, and J. W. Tenner p. 19
The Health Record Banking imperative: A conceptual model J. D. Gold and M. J. Ball p. 43
The seventh layer of the clinical-genomics information infrastructure A. Shabo and D. Dotan p. 57
Imaging and telemedicine
The innovative bundling of teleradiology, telepathology, and teleoncology services R. S. Weinstein, A. M. López, G. P. Barker, E. A. Krupinski, M. R. Descour, K. M. Scott, L. C. Richter, S. J. Beinar, M. J. Holcomb, P. H. Bartels, R. A. McNeely, and A. K. Bhattacharyya p. 69
Monitoring chronically ill patients using mobile technologies C. Kirsch, M. Mattingley-Scott, C. Muszynski, F. Schaefer, and C. Weiss p. 85
Remote health-care monitoring using Personal Care Connect M. Blount, V. M. Batra, A. N. Capella, M. R. Ebling, W. F. Jerome, S. M. Martin, M. Nidd, M. R. Niemi, and S. P. Wright p. 95
Clinical decision intelligence: Medical informatics and bioinformatics
MedTAKMI-CDI: Interactive knowledge discovery for clinical decision intelligence A. Inokuchi, K. Takeda, N. Inaoka, and F. Wakao p. 115
A graph-theoretical approach for pattern discovery in epidemiological research R. A. Mushlin, A. Kershenbaum, S. T. Gallagher, and T. R. Rebbeck p. 135
Infrastructure for a clinical-decision-intelligence system X. S. Wang, L. Nayda, and R. Dettinger p. 151
Biobanking and biomarkers
BIMS: An information management system for biobanking in the 21st century G. Ölund, P. Lindqvist, and J.-E. Litton p. 171
IT solutions for imaging biomarkers in biopharmaceutical research and development M. Hehenberger, A. Chatterjee, U. Reddy, J. Hernandez, and J. Sprengel p. 183

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