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Utility Computing

Vol. 43, No. 1, 2004

Order No. G321-0152

Utility computing is a recent development in IT outsourcing whereby service capacity is provided as needed and the customer pays only for actual use. This issue of the IBM Systems Journal contains twelve papers on a wide range of topics related to utility computing. Included are topics in business management, such as pricing and business models, as well as topics in the design and implementation of utility computing systems, such as automated management of resource provisioning and management of service level agreements.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface John J. Ritsko and Alex Birman p. 3
Preparing for utility computing: The role of IT architecture and relationship management J. W. Ross and G. Westerman p. 5
Price-at-Risk: A methodology for pricing utility computing services G. A. Paleologo p. 20
The utility business model and the future of computing services M. A. Rappa p. 32
A Web content serving utility P. Gayek, R. Nesbitt, H. Pearthree, A. Shaikh, and B. Snitzer p. 43
How to build a WebFountain: An architecture for very large-scale text analytics D. Gruhl, L. Chavet, D. Gibson, J. Meyer, P. Pattanayak, A. Tomkins, and J. Zien p. 64
An architecture for the coordination of system management services V. K. Naik, A. Mohindra, and D. F. Bantz p. 78
Using a utility computing framework to develop utility systems T. Eilam, K. Appleby, J. Breh, G. Breiter, H. Daur, S. A. Fakhouri, G. D. H. Hunt, T. Lu, S. D. Miller, L. B. Mummert, J. A. Pershing, and H. Wagner p. 97
Policy-based automated provisioning K. C. Appleby, S. B. Calo, J. R. Giles, and K.-W. Lee p. 121
Web services on demand: WSLA-driven automated management A. Dan, D. Davis, R. Kearney, A. Keller, R. King, D. Kuebler, H. Ludwig, M. Polan, M. Spreitzer, and A. Youssef p. 136
Utility computing SLA management based upon business objectives M. J. Buco, R. N. Chang, L. Z. Luan, C. Ward, J. L. Wolf, and P. S. Yu p. 159
The utility metering service of the Universal Management Infrastructure V. Albaugh and H. Madduri p. 179
Design of an enablement process for on demand applications K. Chang, A. Dasari, H. Madduri, A. Mendoza, and J. Mims p. 190