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Ease of Use

Vol. 42, No. 4, 2003

Order No. G321-0151

As information technology devices and applications grow in number and importance, the significance of ease of use in their design grows apace. In this issue, twelve papers focus on aspects of design for ease of use as applied to the entire design process, from understanding user requirements to conceptual design, prototyping, field testing, and redesigning. The history and future of User-Centered Design (UCD) and User Engineering (UE) are discussed, and case studies illustrating the role of UCD and UE in many fields are presented. Topics include the design of wireless devices, on-screen documentation, and database management and data visualization systems.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Message from the Senior Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Nicholas M. Donofrio  
Preface Karel Vredenburg, John J. Ritsko, and David I. Seidman p. 515
Building ease of use into the IBM user experience K. Vredenburg p. 517
The evolution of user-centered focus in the human-computer interaction field J. Karat and C. M. Karat p. 532
Delivering expected value to users and stakeholders with User Engineering D. Berry, C. Hungate, and T. Temple p. 542
Usability and design considerations for an autonomic relational database management system R. Telford, R. Horman, S. Lightstone, N. Markov, S. O'Connell, and G. Lohman p. 568
Methodology for remote usability activities: A case study F. S. H. Krauss p. 582
Iterative development in the field S. L. Greene, L. Jones, P. Matchen, and J. C. Thomas p. 594
Extending prototyping R. Van Buskirk and B. W. Moroney p. 613
Developing a voice-spelling alphabet for PDAs J. R. Lewis and P. M. Commarford p. 624
No wires attached: Usability challenges in the connected mobile world L. Gorlenko and R. Merrick p. 639
Developing accessible software for data visualization D. Willuhn, C. Schulz, L. Knoth-Weber, S. Feger, and Y. Saillet p. 652
Access ThinkPad: The right information at the right time and place D. A. Sawin, J. A. Calcaterra, and K. Olka p. 669
Personalizing the user experience on C. M. Karat, C. Brodie, J. Karat, J. Vergo, and S. R. Alpert p. 686
Books   p. 702
Contents of Volume 42, 2003   p. 706