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Software Testing and Verification

Vol. 41, No. 1, 2002

Order No. G321-0144

Customers and commercial software providers have a right to expect high-quality, defect-free products from IBM. The process used for software development has a great deal to do with the quality of the results, and testing is a crucial part of that process. Since the cost of testing and verification can exceed the cost of design and programming, the methodologies, technologies, and tools used are key to efficient development of high-quality software. In this issue of the IBM Systems Journal, an overview essay and nine papers discuss technology and tools for software testing and verification.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Message from the Corporate Director, IBM Software Test Bill Woodworth  
Preface John J. Ritsko and Marilyn L. Bates p. 2
Software debugging, testing, and verification B. Hailpern and P. Santhanam p. 4
Metrics to evaluate vendor-developed software based on test case execution results K. Bassin, S. Biyani, and P. Santhanam p. 13
Improving software testing via ODC: Three case studies M. Butcher, H. Munro, and T. Kratschmer p. 31
A metric for predicting the performance of an application under a growing workload E. J. Weyuker and A. Avritzer p. 45
Testing z/OS: The premier operating system for IBM's zSeries server S. Loveland, G. Miller, R. Prewitt, and M. Shannon p. 55
The STCL test tools architecture C. Williams, H. Sluiman, D. Pitcher, M. Slavescu, J. Spratley, M. Brodhun, J. McLean, C. Rankin, and K. Rosengren p. 74
Using a model-based test generator to test for standard conformance E. Farchi, A. Hartman, and S. S. Pinter p. 89
Multithreaded Java program test generation O. Edelstein, E. Farchi, Y. Nir, G. Ratsaby, and S. Ur p. 111
The Software Testing Automation Framework C. Rankin p. 126
FLAVERS: A finite state verification technique for software systems J. M. Cobleigh, L. A. Clarke, and L. J. Osterweil p. 140