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Knowledge Management

Vol. 40, No. 4, 2001

Order No. G321-0143

The business environment is rapidly changing, and intellectual capital is a key asset of the enterprise. By managing its knowledge assets, an enterprise can improve its adaptability and increase its chances for survival. The papers in this issue of the IBM Systems Journal deal with various aspects of knowledge management: supporting technologies, products, and social aspects.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface John J. Ritsko and Alex Birman p. 812
Knowledge management technology A. D. Marwick p. 814
Communities of practice and organizational performance E. L. Lesser and J. Storck p. 831
Evolving communities of practice: IBM Global Services experience P. Gongla and C. R. Rizzuto p. 842
The knowledge management puzzle: Human and social factors in knowledge management J. C. Thomas, W. A. Kellogg, and T. Erickson p. 863
Views of knowledge are human views G. Dueck p. 885
Linking e-business and operating processes: The role of knowledge management L. Fahey, R. Srivastava, J. S. Sharon, and D. E. Smith p. 889
Knowledge resource exchange in strategic alliances S. Parise and J. C. Henderson p. 908
Knowledge portals and the emerging digital knowledge workplace R. Mack, Y. Ravin, and R. J. Byrd p. 925
The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System: Tools and experiences W. Pohs, G. Pinder, C. Dougherty, and M. White p. 956
Text analysis and knowledge mining system T. Nasukawa and T. Nagano p. 967
Toward speech as a knowledge resource E. W. Brown, S. Srinivasan, A. Coden, D. Ponceleon, J. W. Cooper, and A. Amir p. 985
Where did knowledge management come from? L. Prusak p. 1002
Suggested reading p. 1008
Contents of Volume 40, 2001 p. 1011