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Java Performance

Vol. 39, No. 1, 2000

Order No. G321-0137
Performance of programs written in the Java language is improving dramatically. Papers in this issue discuss compilers, servers, performance analysis and benchmarks, Java virtual machines, and hgh-performance and large-scale applications. Papers on IBM's Java-based SanFrancisco framework and just-in-time compiler are included, as well as ongoing research in Java virtual machine and compiler technology.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Gene F. Hoffnagle p. 2
San Francisco performance: A case study in performance for large-scale Java applications R. Christ, S. L. Halter, K. Lynne, S. Meizer, S. J. Munroe, and M. Pasch p. 4
Java programming for high-performance numerical computing J. E. Moreira, S. P. Midkiff, M. Gupta, P. V. Artigas, M. Snir, and R. D. Lawrence p. 21
Java server benchmarks S. J. Baylor, M. Devarakonda, S. Fink, E. Gluzberg, M. Kalantar, P. Muttineni, E. Barsness, R. Arora, R. Dimpsey, and S. J. Munroe p. 57
Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface D. Viswanathan and S. Liang, p. 82
JaViz: A client/server Java profiling tool I. H. Kazi, D. P. Jose, B. Ben-Hamida, C. J. Hescott, C. Kwok, J. A. Konstan, D. J. Lilja, and P.-C Yew p. 96
A unifying approach to performance analysis in the Java environment W. P. Alexander, R. F. Berry, F. E. Levine, and R. J. Urquhart p. 118
The evolution of a high-performing Java virtual machine W. Gu, N. A. Burns, M. T. Collins, and W. Y. P. Wong p. 135
Java server performance: A case study of building efficient, scalable Jvms R. Dimpsey, R. Arora, and K. Kuiper p. 151
Overview of the IBM Java Just-in-Time Compiler T. Suganuma, T. Ogasawara, M. Takeuchi, T. Yasue, M. Kawahito, K. Ishizaki, H. Komatsu, and T. Nakatani p. 175
Building a Java virtual machine for server applications: The Jvm on OS/390 D. Dillenberger, R. Bordawekar, C. W. Clark, D. Durand, D. Emmes, O. Gohda, S. Howard, M. F. Oliver, F. Samuel, and R. W. St. John p. 194
The Jalapeño virtual machine B. Alpern, C. R. Attanasio, J. J. Barton, M. G. Burke, P. Cheng, J.-D. Choi, A. Cocchi, S. J. Fink, D. Grove, M. Hind, S. F. Hummel, D. Lieber, V. Litvinov, M. F. Mergen, T. Ngo, J. R. Russell, V. Sarkar, M. J. Serrano, J. C. Shepherd, S. E. Smith, V. C. Sreedhar, H. Srinivasan, and J. Whaley p. 211