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Pervasive Computing

Vol. 38, No. 4, 1999

Order No. G321-0136
Pervasive computing encompasses the dramatically expanding sphere of computers embedded within and intrinsically part of larger devices. This issue presents an essay and eleven papers on the underlying technologies and the human impact of this field.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
Preface Gene F. Hoffnagle p. 502
A look at human interaction with pervasive computers W. S. Ark and T. Selker p. 504
Classroom 2000: An experiment with the instrumentation of a living educational environment G. D. Abowd p. 508
Making sharing pervasive: Ubiquitous computing for shared note taking J. A. Landay and R. C. Davis p. 531
Contrasting paradigms for the development of wearable computers C. Baber, D. J. Haniff, and S. I. Woolley p. 551
Wireless networked digital devices: A new paradigm for computing and communication T. G. Zimmerman p. 566
A universal information appliance K. F. Eustice, T. J. Lehman, A. Morales, M. C. Munson, S. Edlund, and M. Guillen p. 575
Information in places J. C. Spohrer p. 602
Intermediaries: An approach to manipulating information streams R. Barrett and P. P. Maglio p. 629
Multistream input: An experimental study of document scrolling methods S. Zhai and B. A. Smith p. 642
At what cost pervasive? A social computing view of mobile computing systems D. C. Dryer, C. Eisbach, and W. S. Ark p. 652
Turning pervasive computing into mediated spaces W. Mark p. 677
The origins of ubiquitous computing research at PARC in the late 1980s M. Weiser, R. Gold, and J. S. Brown p. 693
Contents of Volume 38, 1999 p. 697