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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Global Service Delivery Technologies Volume 53, Number 6, 2009
RD 53-6
In an increasingly globalized business environment, the success of an enterprise depends on its ability to efficiently utilize its worldwide human and infrastructure resources. This issue highlights innovative technologies that help realize the vision of seamless global delivery of IT and IT-enabled services. These technologies include infrastructures, applications, and business process services. Topics for this diverse issue also include business continuity, compliance, customer care, data protection, social networks, and remote management for global services delivery.
Table of Contents  
Preface G. Banavar, D. Saha, and C. Dorai, Guest Editors  
Architectures and technologies for the globally integrated enterprise J. Black, R. Gottschalk, T. Lococo, and D. Moore Paper 1
A service delivery platform for server management services J. Lenchner, D. Rosu, N. F. Velasquez, S. Guo, K. Christiance, D. DeFelice, P. M. Deshpande, K. Kummamuru, N. Kraus, L. Z. Luan, D. Majumdar, M. McLaughlin, S. Ofek-Koifman, Deepak P, C.-S. Perng, H. Roitman, C. Ward, and J. Young Paper 2
The IBM Services Connection: Service delivery through self-service portal technologies B. S. Tagg Paper 3
AIM-HI: A framework for request routing in large-scale IT global service delivery A. Khan, H. Jamjoom, and J. Sun Paper 4
Gaining insight into the health of SOA infrastructures R. N. Chang, W. Falk, H. Hall, P. Kopp, S. Pappe, M. Schultz, A. Szypka, and N. C. Wadia Paper 5
Indra: An integrated quantitative system for compliance management for IT service delivery A. Bhamidipaty, N. C. Narendra, S. Nagar, V. K. Varshneya, M. Vasa, and C. Deshwal Paper 6
Toward transforming business continuity services C. Ward, S. Agassi, K. Bhattacharya, O. Biran, R. Cocchiara, M. E. Factor, C. T. Hayashi, T. Hochberg, B. Kearney, J. Laredo, D. Loewenstern, A. E. Rodecap, J. K. Skoog, L. Shwartz, M. Thompson, R. Thompson, and Y. Wolfsthal Paper 7
ERMIS: Designing, developing, and delivering a remote managed infrastructure services solution M. Viswanathan, H. Shaikh, A. Sailer, Y. Song, X. Fang, Y. H. Wu, Z. L. Zou, K. P. Reddy, A. Deshmukh, M. Gupta, B. Krishnamurthy, M. Sethi, B. Viswanathan, J. G. Gulla, and F. Matar Paper 8
Customer-focused service management for contact centers M. Bhide, S. Negi, L. V. Subramaniam, and H. Gupta Paper 9
Dynamic masking of application displays using OCR technologies S. Porat, B. Carmeli, T. Domany, T. Drory, A. Geva, and A. Tarem Paper 10
Leveraging social networks for corporate staffing and expert recommendation V. Chenthamarakshan, K. Dey, J. Hu, A. Mojsilovic, W. Riddle, and V. Sindhwani Paper 11
Crowdsourcing and service delivery H. Jamjoom, H. Qu, M. J. Buco, M. Hernandez, D. Saha, and M. Naghshineh Paper 12

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