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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Internet and Enterprise-Scale Data Centers Volume 53, Number 4, 2009
RD 53-4
Topics for this diverse issue on Internet and enterprise-scale data centers include cloud computing, the use of virtualization for disaster recovery, virtual appliances, and a range of technologies relating to data center service, provisioning, control, reconfiguration, and security.
Table of Contents  
Preface T. Basil Smith, M. Naghshineh, N. Bowen, P. Gupta, and K. Schultz, Guest Editors  
IBM Research Division cloud computing initiative M. Naghshineh, R. Ratnaparkhi, D. Dillenberger, J. R. Doran, C. Dorai, L. Anderson, G. Pacifici, J. L. Snowdon, A. Azagury, M. VanderWiele, and Y. Wolfsthal Paper 1
Using VCL technology to implement distributed reconfigurable data centers and computational services for educational institutions M. A. Vouk, A. Rindos, S. F. Averitt, J. Bass, M. Bugaev, A. Kurth, A. Peeler, H. E. Schaffer, E. D. Sills, S. Stein, J. Thompson, and M. Valenzisi Paper 2
Life cycle and characteristics of services in the world of cloud computing G. Breiter and M. Behrendt Paper 3
The Reservoir model and architecture for open federated cloud computing B. Rochwerger, D. Breitgand, E. Levy, A. Galis, K. Nagin, I. M. Llorente, R. Montero, Y. Wolfsthal, E. Elmroth, J. Cáceres, M. Ben-Yehuda, W. Emmerich, and F. Galán Paper 4
BlueStar: A federation-based approach to building Internet-scale data centers A. Neogi, A. Mohindra, B. Viswanathan, T. Kushida, and H. Horii Paper 5
Security for the cloud infrastructure: Trusted virtual data center implementation S. Berger, R. Cáceres, K. Goldman, D. Pendarakis, R. Perez, J. R. Rao, E. Rom, R. Sailer, W. Schildhauer, D. Srinivasan, S. Tal, and E. Valdez Paper 6
Reinventing virtual appliances X. Jin, R. Willenborg, Y. Zhao, C. Sun, L. He, Z. Chen, Y. Chen, and Q. Wang Paper 7
Using virtualization for high availability and disaster recovery T. Adeshiyan, C. R. Attanasio, E. M. Farr, R. E. Harper, D. Pelleg, C. Schulz, L. F. Spainhower, P. Ta-Shma, and L. A. Tomek Paper 8
Kittyhawk: Enabling cooperation and competition in a global, shared computational system J. Appavoo, V. Uhlig, A. Waterland, B. Rosenburg, D. Da Silva, and J. E. Moreira Paper 9
Scalable data center provisioning and control M. Silva, M. Banikazemi, M. Butrico, D. Daly, S. Guthridge, J. E. Moreira, and W. V. Ruggiero Paper 10

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