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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Environmental Monitoring and Management Volume 53, Number 3, 2009
RD 53-3
Information technology plays critical roles in helping address environmental challenges. Topics for this diverse issue include the emergence of a new computing paradigm based on sensing and modeling, business management strategies and dashboards, carbon and emissions management, optimization of data center energy utilization, and applications relating to the optimization and monitoring of rivers, water pumps, and railroads. A non-topical paper describes a technique for simulating wrinkling of thin films on patterned substrates.
Table of Contents  
Message from the Vice President, Strategic Growth Initiatives, Big Green Innovations, IBM Systems & Technology Group Sharon Nunes  
Preface R. Peter Williams, Guest Editor  
Instrumenting the planet C.-H. Chen-Ritzo, C. Harrison, J. Paraszczak, and F. Parr Paper 1
The adaptive environment: Delivering the vision of in situ real-time environmental monitoring G. M. P. O'Hare, D. Diamond, K. T. Lau, J. Hayes, C. Muldoon, M. J. O'Grady, R. Tynan, G. Rancourt, H. R. Kolar, and R. J. McCarthy Paper 2
Green Sigma and the technology of transformation for environmental stewardship E. G. Olson and N. Brady Paper 3
Complex real-time environmental monitoring of the Hudson River and estuary system H. R. Kolar, J. Cronin, P. Hartswick, A. C. Sanderson, J. S. Bonner, L. Hotaling, R. F. Ambrosio, Z. Liu, M. L. Passow, and M. L. Reath Paper 4
The energy-efficiency benefits of pump-scheduling optimization for potable water supplies S. M. Bunn and L. Reynolds Paper 5
Ambient intelligence for freight railroads J. M. Reason and R. Crepaldi Paper 6
Intuitive simulation, querying, and visualization for river basin policy and management B. Eckman, P. C. West, C. Barford, and G. Raber Paper 7
Carbon management in assembly manufacturing logistics K. Sourirajan, P. Centonze, M. E. Helander, K. Katircioglu, M. Ben-Hamida, and C. Boucher Paper 8
Thermodynamics of information technology data centers R. Schmidt and M. Iyengar Paper 9
Uncovering energy-efficiency opportunities in data centers H. F. Hamann, T. G. van Kessel, M. Iyengar, J.-Y. Chung, W. Hirt, M. A. Schappert, A. Claassen, J. M. Cook, W. Min, Y. Amemiya, V. López, J. A. Lacey, and M. O'Boyle Paper 10
Toward zero-emission data centers through direct reuse of thermal energy

Non-topical paper
T. Brunschwiler, B. Smith, E. Ruetsche, and B. Michel Paper 11
Thermally induced wrinkling in thin-film stacks on patterned substrates K. Srinivasan, S. Goyal, T. Siegmund, G. Subbarayan, and Q. Lin Paper 12

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