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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Harmonizing Security and Privacy Volume 53, Number 2, 2009
RD 53-2
Security measures to prevent terrorist attacks and other threats must be balanced against the possible loss of privacy that arises when personal information is collected in support of such measures. This issue of the journal contains eight papers that focus on various aspects of the challenge of harmonizing security and privacy requirements. These include the analysis of privacy and security policies, privacy regulations in various countries, and a policy framework for security and privacy management. The issue also contains a non-topical paper that deals with fine-grained recovery in enterprise storage controllers.
Table of Contents  

Harmonizing Security and Privacy
Message from the Vice President, Regulatory Policy & Chief Privacy Officer Harriet P. Pearson  
Preface Alex Birman, Associate Editor, and John J. Ritsko, Editor-in-Chief  
Regulations and compliance
A technology perspective on worldwide privacy regulations D. A. Chapin, A. C. Nelson, and B. S. Gerber Paper 1
Data-centric security: Integrating data privacy and data security S. D. Hennessy, G. D. Lauer, N. Zunic, B. Gerber, and A. C. Nelson Paper 2

Policies and policy analysis
Analysis of privacy and security policies E. Bertino, C. Brodie, S. B. Calo, L. F. Cranor, C. Karat, J. Karat, N. Li, D. Lin, J. Lobo, Q. Ni, P. R. Rao, and X. Wang Paper 3
Policy framework for security and privacy management J. Karat, C.-M. Karat, E. Bertino, N. Li, Q. Ni, C. Brodie, J. Lobo, S. B. Calo, L. F. Cranor, P. Kumaraguru, and R. W. Reeder Paper 4
Privacy is essential for secure mobile devices P. A. Karger, G. S. Kc, and D. C. Toll Paper 5
Harmonizing privacy with security principles and practices S. L. Pfleeger and C. P. Pfleeger Paper 6
A privacy-aware architecture for a Web rating system C. Viecco, A. Tsow, and L. J. Camp Paper 7
Privacy-value-control harmonization for RFID adoption in retail B. D. Renegar and K. Michael Paper 8

Non-topical paper
Recovery scopes, recovery groups, and fine-grained recovery in enterprise storage controllers with multi-core processors S. Seshadri, L. Liu, and L. Chiu Paper 9

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