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IBM Journal of Research and Development

3D Chip Technology Volume 52, Number 6, 2008 Click to enlarge
RD 52-6
Historically, the steady growth of computer system performance depended on the performance of microprocessors, which depended on the scaling of devices and circuits to smaller dimensions. As scaling on the 2D surface of chips approaches practical limits, 3D technologies offer an opportunity for continued system improvements, even as the progress of scaling slows down. The eight papers in this issue describe the system design opportunities and challenges of 3D chip technology, as well as methods for producing dense arrays of through-silicon vias, thinned silicon, dense area-array silicon–silicon interconnection, chip stacking, and 3D wafer integration. Thermomechanical modeling and the implementation of 3D structures in products are also described.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0257-00
3D Chip Technology
Preface J. U. Knickerbocker, Guest Editor p. 539
Is 3D chip technology the next growth engine for performance improvement? P. G. Emma and E. Kursun p. 541
Three-dimensional silicon integration J. U. Knickerbocker, P. S. Andry, B. Dang, R. R. Horton, M. J. Interrante, C. S. Patel, R. J. Polastre, K. Sakuma, R. Sirdeshmukh, E. J. Sprogis, S. M. Sri-Jayantha, A. M. Stephens, A. W. Topol, C. K. Tsang, B. C. Webb, and S. L. Wright p. 553
Fabrication and characterization of robust through-silicon vias for silicon-carrier applications P. S. Andry, C. K. Tsang, B. C. Webb, E. J. Sprogis, S. L. Wright, B. Dang, and D. G. Manzer p. 571
Wafer-level 3D integration technology S. J. Koester, A. M. Young, R. R. Yu, S. Purushothaman, K.-N. Chen, D. C. La Tulipe Jr., N. Rana, L. Shi, M. R. Wordeman, and E. J. Sprogis p. 583
3D chip stacking with C4 technology B. Dang, S. L. Wright, P. S. Andry, E. J. Sprogis, C. K. Tsang, M. J. Interrante, B. C. Webb, R. J. Polastre, R. R. Horton, C. S. Patel, A. Sharma, J. Zheng, K. Sakuma, and J. U. Knickerbocker p. 599
3D chip-stacking technology with through-silicon vias and low-volume lead-free interconnections K. Sakuma, P. S. Andry, C. K. Tsang, S. L. Wright, B. Dang, C. S. Patel, B. C. Webb, J. Maria, E. J. Sprogis, S. K. Kang, R. J. Polastre, R. R. Horton, and J. U. Knickerbocker p. 611
Thermomechanical modeling of 3D electronic packages S. M. Sri-Jayantha, G. McVicker, K. Bernstein, and J. U. Knickerbocker p. 623
Through-silicon vias enable next-generation SiGe power amplifiers for wireless communications A. J. Joseph, J. D. Gillis, M. Doherty, P. J. Lindgren, R. A. Previti-Kelly, R. M. Malladi, P.-C. Wang, M. Erturk, H. Ding, E. G. Gebreselasie, M. J. McPartlin, and J. Dunn p. 635
Author index for Volume 52   p. 649
Subject index for Volume 52   p. 657
Erratum   p. 663

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