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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Storage Technologies and Systems Volume 52, Number 4/5, 2008 Click to enlarge
RD 52-4/5
Technology shifts and market forces are changing the composition and design of storage systems. Topics for this diverse issue include the emergence of nonvolatile storage technologies, virtualization technologies that reduce the distinction between storage and computing platforms, advances in tape densities, the growing use of commodity and distributed storage, and the increasing importance of error and disaster recovery, autonomic storage management, petascale file and archival storage, and long-term data preservation.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0256-00
Storage Technologies and Systems
Message from the Vice President, Technical Strategy and Global Operations, IBM Research and the Vice President, System Storage, IBM Systems and Technology Group Mark E. Dean and Barry Rudolph
Preface D. D. Kandlur and C. Narayan, Guest Editors p. 317
IBM Scale out File Services: Reinventing network-attached storage S. Oehme, J. Deicke, J.-P. Akelbein, R. Sahlberg, A. Tridgell, and R. L. Haskin p. 319
Glamor: An architecture for file system federation U. Lanjewar, M. Naik, and R. Tewari p. 329
Evolution of storage management: Transforming raw data into information S. Gopisetty, S. Agarwala, E. Butler, D. Jadav, S. Jaquet, M. Korupolu, R. Routray, P. Sarkar, A. Singh, M. Sivan-Zimet, C.-H. Tan, S. Uttamchandani, D. Merbach, S. Padbidri, A. Dieberger, E. M. Haber, E. Kandogan, C. A. Kieliszewski, D. Agrawal, M. Devarakonda, K.-W. Lee, K. Magoutis, D. C. Verma, and N. G. Vogl p. 341
Automated planners for storage provisioning and disaster recovery S. Gopisetty, E. Butler, S. Jaquet, M. Korupolu, T. K. Nayak, R. Routray, M. Seaman, A. Singh, C.-H. Tan, S. Uttamchandani, and A. Verma p. 353
Galapagos: Model-driven discovery of end-to-end application–storage relationships in distributed systems K. Magoutis, M. Devarakonda, N. Joukov, and N. G. Vogl p. 367
Archive storage system design for long-term storage of massive amounts of data P. L. Bradshaw, K. W. Brannon, T. Clark, K. Dahman, S. Doraiswamy, L. Duyanovich, B. L. Hillsberg, W. Hineman, M. Kaczmarski, B. J. Klingenberg, X. Ma, and R. Rees p. 379
Preservation DataStores: New storage paradigm for preservation environments S. Rabinovici-Cohen, M. E. Factor, D. Naor, L. Ramati, P. Reshef, S. Ronen, J. Satran, and D. L. Giaretta p. 389
The ANSI T10 object-based storage standard and current implementations D. Nagle, M. E. Factor, S. Iren, D. Naor, E. Riedel, O. Rodeh, and J. Satran p. 401
Undetected disk errors in RAID arrays J. L. Hafner, V. Deenadhayalan, W. Belluomini, and K. Rao p. 413
An architecture for storage-hosted application extensions D. Chambliss, P. Pandey, T. Thakur, A. Fleshler, T. Clark, J. A. Ruddy, K. D. Gougherty, M. Kalos, L. Merithew, J. G. Thompson, and H. M. Yudenfriend p. 427
Storage-class memory: The next storage system technology R. F. Freitas and W. W. Wilcke p. 439
Overview of candidate device technologies for storage-class memory G. W. Burr, B. N. Kurdi, J. C. Scott, C. H. Lam, K. Gopalakrishnan, and R. S. Shenoy p. 449
Phase-change random access memory: A scalable technology S. Raoux, G. W. Burr, M. J. Breitwisch, C. T. Rettner, Y.-C. Chen, R. M. Shelby, M. Salinga, D. Krebs, S.-H. Chen, H.-L. Lung, and C. H. Lam p. 465
Transition-metal-oxide-based resistance-change memories S. F. Karg, G. I. Meijer, J. G. Bednorz, C. T. Rettner, A. G. Schrott, E. A. Joseph, C. H. Lam, M. Janousch, U. Staub, F. La Mattina, S. F. Alvarado, D. Widmer, R. Stutz, U. Drechsler, and D. Caimi p. 481
Probe-based ultrahigh-density storage technology A. Pantazi, A. Sebastian, T. A. Antonakopoulos, P. Bächtold, A. R. Bonaccio, J. Bonan, G. Cherubini, M. Despont, R. A. DiPietro, U. Drechsler, U. Dürig, B. Gotsmann, W. Häberle, C. Hagleitner, J. L. Hedrick, D. Jubin, A. Knoll, M. A. Lantz, J. Pentarakis, H. Pozidis, R. C. Pratt, H. Rothuizen, R. Stutz, M. Varsamou, D. Wiesmann, and E. Eleftheriou p. 493
Scaling tape-recording areal densities to 100 Gb/in2 A. J. Argumedo, D. Berman, R. G. Biskeborn, G. Cherubini, R. D. Cideciyan, E. Eleftheriou, W. Häberle, D. J. Hellman, R. Hutchins, W. Imaino, J. Jelitto, K. Judd, P.-O. Jubert, M. A. Lantz, G. M. McClelland, T. Mittelholzer, C. Narayan, S. Ölçer, and P. J. Seger p. 513
Flash memories: Successes and challenges S. K. Lai p. 529

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