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IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM POWER6 Microprocessor Technology Volume 51, Number 6, 2007 Click to enlarge
RD 51-6
The dual-core POWER6 microprocessor has double the speed of the previous-generation POWER5 microprocessor without increasing the energy required for its operation. It is currently the world’s fastest processor chip. The topics described in the nine papers in this issue include chip architecture, performance accelerators, chip and circuit design, power and heat management, enhanced virtualization, and reliability.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0253-00
IBM POWER6 Microprocessor Technology
Preface H. Mehta, Guest Editor p. 637
IBM POWER6 microarchitecture H. Q. Le, W. J. Starke, J. S. Fields, F. P. O’Connell, D. Q. Nguyen, B. J. Ronchetti, W. M. Sauer, E. M. Schwarz, and M. T. Vaden p. 639
IBM POWER6 accelerators: VMX and DFU L. Eisen, J. W. Ward III, H.-W. Tast, N. Mäding, J. Leenstra, S. M. Mueller, C. Jacobi, J. Preiss, E. M. Schwarz, and S. R. Carlough p. 663
IBM POWER6 microprocessor physical design and design methodology R. Berridge, R. M. Averill III, A. E. Barish, M. A. Bowen, P. J. Camporese, J. DiLullo, P. E. Dudley, J. Keinert, D. W. Lewis, R. D. Morel, T. Rosser, N. S. Schwartz, P. Shephard, H. H. Smith, D. Thomas, P. J. Restle, J. R. Ripley, S. L. Runyon, and P. M. Williams p. 685
Power-constrained high-frequency circuits for the IBM POWER6 microprocessor B. Curran, E. Fluhr, J. Paredes, L. Sigal, J. Friedrich, Y.-H. Chan, and C. Hwang p. 715
System power management support in the IBM POWER6 microprocessor M. S. Floyd, S. Ghiasi, T. W. Keller, K. Rajamani, F. L. Rawson, J. C. Rubio, and M. S. Ware p. 733
IBM POWER6 SRAM arrays D. W. Plass and Y. H. Chan p. 747
IBM POWER6 partition mobility: Moving virtual servers seamlessly between physical systems W. J. Armstrong, R. L. Arndt, T. R. Marchini, N. Nayar, and W. M. Sauer p. 757
IBM POWER6 reliability M. J. Mack, W. M. Sauer, S. B. Swaney, and B. G. Mealey p. 763
EnergyScale for IBM POWER6 microprocessor-based systems H.-Y. McCreary, M. A. Broyles, M. S. Floyd, A. J. Geissler, S. P. Hartman, F. L. Rawson, T. J. Rosedahl, J. C. Rubio, and M. S. Ware p. 775
Author index for Volume 51   p. 787
Subject index for Volume 51   p. 795

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