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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Business Optimization Volume 51, Number 3/4, 2007 Click to enlarge
RD 51-3/4
Optimization methods enable businesses to increase their responsiveness and resiliency to changing market forces while minimizing their cost. Topics for this diverse issue include workforce and production planning, transportation optimization, materials allocation, and the efficient management of inventories, customers, risk, compliance, pricing, marketing solutions, and intruder alerts.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0251-00
Business Optimization
Message from the Vice President, Center for Business Optimization, IBM Global Business Services William R. Pulleyblank
Preface B. M. Schieber, Guest Editor p. 247
Applying supply chain optimization techniques to workforce planning problems D. L. Gresh, D. P. Connors, J. P. Fasano, and R. J. Wittrock p. 251
Workforce optimization: Identification and assignment of professional workers using constraint programming Y. Naveh, Y. Richter, Y. Altshuler, D. L. Gresh, and D. P. Connors p. 263
Statistical methods for automated generation of service engagement staffing plans J. Hu, B. K. Ray, and M. Singh p. 281
A quantitative optimization model for dynamic risk-based compliance management S. Müller and C. Supatgiat p. 295
Modeling of risk losses using size-biased data E. Yashchin p. 309
Multicommodity network flow approach to the railroad crew-scheduling problem B. Vaidyanathan, K. C. Jha, and R. K. Ahuja p. 325
Production design for plate products in the steel industry S. Dash, J. Kalagnanam, C. Reddy, and S. H. Song p. 345
The material allocation problem in the steel industry H. Yanagisawa p. 363
Strategic planning of preparedness budgets for wildland fire management G. Parija, T. Kumar, H. Xi, and D. Keller p. 375
Inventory allocation and transportation scheduling for logistics of network-centric military operations F. Barahona, P. Chowdhary, M. Ettl, P. Huang, T. Kimbrel, L. Ladanyi, Y. M. Lee, B. Schieber, K. Sourirajan, M. I. Sviridenko, and G. M. Swirszcz p. 391
Marketing event optimization D. A. Selby p. 409
Optimizing marketing planning and budgeting using Markov decision processes: An airline case study A. Labbi and C. Berrospi p. 421
An SQL-based cost-effective inventory optimization solution K. Katircioglu, T. M. Brown, and M. Asghar p. 433
Inventory budget optimization: Meeting system-wide service levels in practice P. Korevaar, U. Schimpel, and R. Boedi p. 447
Insider attack and real-time data mining of user behavior G. F. Anderson, D. A. Selby, and M. Ramsey p. 465
Advances in analytics: Integrating dynamic data mining with simulation optimization M. Better, F. Glover, and M. Laguna p. 477
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming: Some modeling and solution issues J. Lee p. 489

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