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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Systems Biology Volume 50, Number 6, 2006 Click to enlarge
RD 50-6
Systems biology is a growing field in which researchers seek to model and understand the structural, genetic, and dynamic relationships of living systems and their biological parts at scales that range from biochemical pathways and small biomolecular complexes to whole organisms. Topics for this issue include machine-learning methods, drug discovery, the visualization of complex biochemical pathways, the modeling of biological systems at different size scales, and the demands that systems biology research places on computing resources.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0249-00
Systems Biology
Message from the General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry, IBM Public Sector Caroline A. Kovac
Preface S. Burbeck and K. E. Jordan, Guest Editors p. 527
An assessment of the role of computing in systems biology S. Burbeck and K. E. Jordan p. 529
Graph data management for molecular and cell biology B. A. Eckman and P. G. Brown p. 545
The Pathway Editor: A tool for managing complex biological networks A. Sorokin, K. Paliy, A. Selkov, O. V. Demin, S. Dronov, P. Ghazal, and I. Goryanin p. 561
Visualization of complementary systems biology data with parallel heatmaps R. M. Podowski, B. Miller, and W. W. Wasserman p. 575
A spatially detailed myofilament model as a basis for large-scale biological simulations J. Hussan, P. P. de Tombe, and J. J. Rice p. 583
Multiscale biosystems integration: Coupling intracellular network analysis with tissue-patterning simulations S. M. Peirce, T. C. Skalak, and J. A. Papin p. 601
Computational multiscale modeling in the IUPS Physiome Project: Modeling cardiac electromechanics D. Nickerson, M. Nash, P. Nielsen, N. Smith, and P. Hunter p. 617
Machine learning methods for transcription data integration D. T. Holloway, M. A. Kon, and C. DeLisi p. 631
Model-based design approaches in drug discovery: A parallel to traditional engineering approaches B. Schoeberl, U. B. Nielsen, and R. Paxson p. 645
Author index for Volume 50   p. 653
Subject index for Volume 50   p. 659
Errata   p. 665

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