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IBM Journal of Research and Development

Spintronics Volume 50, Number 1, 2006 Click to enlarge
RD 50-1
Spintronics (spin-based electronics) pertains to microelectronic devices that rely on electron spin rather than charge for memory and logic applications. This issue focuses on MRAM (magnetic random access memory), offering the potential for nonvolatile, on-chip storage—and on spin-based phenomena in semiconductors, offering the potential for devices that would function at exceptionally low power.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0246-00
Preface W. J. Gallagher and S. S. P. Parkin, Guest Editors p. 3
Development of the magnetic tunnel junction MRAM at IBM: From first junctions to a 16-Mb MRAM demonstrator chip W. J. Gallagher and S. S. P. Parkin p. 5
Design considerations for MRAM T. M. Maffitt, J. K. DeBrosse, J. A. Gabric, E. T. Gow, M. C. Lamorey, J. S. Parenteau, D. R. Willmott, M. A. Wood, and W. J. Gallagher p. 25
Two-level BEOL processing for rapid iteration in MRAM development M. C. Gaidis, E. J. O’Sullivan, J. J. Nowak, Y. Lu, S. Kanakasabapathy, P. L. Trouilloud, D. C. Worledge, S. Assefa, K. R. Milkove, G. P. Wright, and W. J. Gallagher p. 41
Rapid-turnaround characterization methods for MRAM development D. W. Abraham, P. L. Trouilloud, and D. C. Worledge p. 55
Single-domain model for toggle MRAM D. C. Worledge p. 69
Spin angular momentum transfer in current-perpendicular nanomagnetic junctions J. Z. Sun p. 81
Spintronics—A retrospective and perspective S. A. Wolf, A. Y. Chtchelkanova, and D. M. Treger p. 101
Highly efficient room-temperature tunnel spin injector using CoFe/MgO(001) X. Jiang, R. Wang, R. M. Shelby, and S. S. P. Parkin p. 111
Bipolar spintronics: Fundamentals and applications I. Žutić, J. Fabian, and S. C. Erwin p. 121
Toward dissipationless spin transport in semiconductors B. A. Bernevig and S. Zhang p. 141
Regular paper
An approximation to the greedy algorithm for differential compression R. C. Agarwal, K. Gupta, S. Jain, and S. Amalapurapu p. 149

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