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IBM Journal of Research and Development

IBM BladeCenter Systems Volume 49, Number 6, 2005 Click to enlarge
RD 49-6
IBM BladeCenter systems define a new way of building data centers which reduces cost and space requirements while simplifying hardware and systems management to achieve high reliability, availability, and serviceability with enhanced flexibility. This issue includes an overview paper as well as ten papers describing the BladeCenter midplane, processor architectures, packaging, networks, storage systems, systems management, diagnostics, and integrated solutions.
Table of Contents Papers in:     Order No. G322-0245-00
IBM BladeCenter Systems
Message from the Vice President, BladeCenter Development, IBM Systems and Technology Group Douglas Balog  
Preface T. M. Bradicich p. 807
BladeCenter system overview D. M. Desai, T. M. Bradicich, D. Champion, W. G. Holland, and B. M. Kreuz p. 809
BladeCenter midplane and media interface card J. E. Hughes, P. S. Patel, I. R. Zapata, T. D. Pahel, Jr., J. P. Wong, D. M. Desai, and B. D. Herrman p. 823
BladeCenter processor blades, I/O expansion adapters, and units J. E. Hughes, M. L. Scollard, R. Land, J. Parsonese, C. C. West, V. A. Stankevich, C. L. Purrington, D. Q. Hoang, G. R. Shippy, M. L. Loeb, M. W. Williams, B. A. Smith, and D. M. Desai p. 837
BladeCenter solutions L. S. Fore, D. W. Cosby, G. Pruett, D. B. Rhoades, C. O. Schulz, B. Smith, and J. L. Wooldridge p. 861
BladeCenter T system for the telecommunications industry S. L. Vanderlinden, B. O. Anthony, G. D. Batalden, B. K. Gorti, J. Lloyd, J. Macon, Jr., G. Pruett, and B. A. Smith p. 873
BladeCenter packaging, power, and cooling M. J. Crippen, R. K. Alo, D. Champion, R. M. Clemo, C. M. Grosser, N. J. Gruendler, M. S. Mansuria, J. A. Matteson, M. S. Miller, and B. A. Trumbo p. 887
BladeCenter networking S. W. Hunter, N. C. Strole, D. W. Cosby, and D. M. Green p. 905
BladeCenter storage W. G. Holland, P. L. Caporale, D. S. Keener, A. B. McNeill, and T. B. Vojnovich p. 921
BladeCenter chassis management T. Brey, B. E. Bigelow, J. E. Bolan, H. Cheselka, Z. Dayar, J. M. Franke, D. E. Johnson, R. N. Kantesaria, E. J. Klodnicki, S. Kochar, S. M. Lardinois, C. A. Morrell, M. S. Rollins, R. R. Wolford, and D. R. Woodham p. 941
BladeCenter systems management software G. Pruett, A. Abbondanzio, J. Bielski, T. D. Fadale, A. E. Merkin, Z. Rafalovich, L. A. Riedle, and J. W. Simpson p. 963
BladeCenter thermal diagnostics W. J. Piazza, R. E. Harper, M. J. Crippen, and J. A. Matteson p. 977
Author index for Volume 49   p. 989
Subject index for Volume 49   p. 999
Errata   p. 1003

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