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IBM Research in Asia

Vol. 48, No. 5/6, 2004

Order No. G322-0241
The IBM Research laboratories in China, India, and Japan are at the forefront of research in information technologies which benefit customers worldwide. They also develop technologies that are important for their local geographic areas, which are experiencing rapid economic growth. The range of innovation and the significance of their work is illustrated by the selected papers which appear in this issue.
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Papers may be viewed by clicking on the title of interest
IBM Research in Asia
Message from the Senior Vice President, IBM Research Division Paul M. Horn
Preface J. Yeh, P. S. Gopalakrishnan, and K. Kuse p. 597
China Research Laboratory
LORE: An infrastructure to support location-aware services Y. Chen, X. Y. Chen, F. Y. Rao, X. L. Yu, Y. Li, and D. Liu p. 601
A wireless LAN-based indoor positioning technology Z. Xiang, S. Song, J. Chen, H. Wang, J. Huang, and X. Gao p. 617
iMMS: Interactive multimedia messaging service J. Shen, P. Sun, J. Zhang, and S. Song p. 627
A framework for device capability on demand and virtual device user experience R. Y. Fu, H. Su, J. C. Fletcher, W. Li, X. X. Liu, S. W. Zhao, and C. Y. Chi p. 635
Model-driven business process integration and management: A case study with the Bank SinoPac regional service platform J. Zhu, Z. Tian, T. Li, W. Sun, S. Ye, W. Ding, C. C. Wang, G. Wu, L. Weng, S. Huan, B. Liu, and D. Chou p. 649
India Research Laboratory
Online marketing research A. Agrawal, J. Basak, V. Jain, R. Kothari, M. Kumar, P. A. Mittal, N. Modani, K. Ravikumar, Y. Sabharwal, and R. Sureka p. 671
The eShopmonitor: A comprehensive data extraction tool for monitoring Web sites N. Agrawal, R. Ananthanarayanan, R. Gupta, S. Joshi, R. Krishnapuram, and S. Negi p. 679
Enhancing a biomedical information extraction system with dictionary mining and context disambiguation S. Mukherjea, L. V. Subramaniam, G. Chanda, S. Sankararaman, R. Kothari, V. Batra, D. Bhardwaj, and B. Srivastava p. 693
A large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition system for Hindi M. Kumar, N. Rajput, and A. Verma p. 703
A framework for eGovernance solutions P. A. Mittal, M. Kumar, M. K. Mohania, M. Nair, N. Batra, P. Roy, A. Saronwala, and L. Yagnik p. 717
Tokyo Research Laboratory
Web accessibility technology at the IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory J. Maeda, K. Fukuda, H. Takagi, and C. Asakawa p. 735
On-demand design service innovations S. Shimizu, H. Ishikawa, A. Satoh, and T. Aihara p. 751
Evolution of a Java just-in-time compiler for IA-32 platforms T. Suganuma, T. Ogasawara, K. Kawachiya, M. Takeuchi, K. Ishizaki, A. Koseki, T. Inagaki, T. Yasue, M. Kawahito, T. Onodera, H. Komatsu, and T. Nakatani p. 767
Model-driven development of large-scale Web applications H. Tai, K. Mitsui, T. Nerome, M. Abe, K. Ono, and M. Hori p. 797
Finishing Line Scheduling in the steel industry H. Okano, A. J. Davenport, M. Trumbo, C. Reddy, K. Yoda, and M. Amano p. 811
Author Index for Volume 48   p. 831
Subject Index for Volume 48   p. 837